Newest Addition: Update.

Well, that was a bit rubbish. I bought myself a land raider, got all excited waiting for it to arrive… and long story short the seller was a bit pants. Basically, he didn’t set his PayPal up properly and wanted me to send him a cheque, but I didn’t want to. I’m still trying to get him to cancel it properly. So, I don’t have a land raider. Grumblebumblerumble

It’s ok though, to be honest. Though I’ve never actually used one, I think I’d prefer to have several, cheaper models (points wise) than one big fat one. One lucky lascannon or melta shot can destroy a land raider, whereas say with two predators you’d need 2 lucky shots. I don’t like the ‘all eggs in one basket’ approach, which is why I’d never play Grey Knights. That, and dreadknights. They look silly and there’s nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise. AT LEAST PUT SOME BLOOMING ARMOUR ON THE DUDE ON THE FRONT OR BETTER STILL JUST FNNNNG-

I digress. With the money that I was going to spend on the land raider I instead bought meself two more of these bad boys:

New Phone_20140222_030

I’ve only ever played a mate of mine, who is a Tyranid player. A dual heavy flamer land speeder is anathema to Tyranids. A S5 AP4 template eats gaunts, goyles, genestealers and swarms for breakfast. Slap two on there and let it move 12″ whilst retaining full BS and you can practice your humble face as your opponent has to use a broom to remove all his casualties. Because speeders are AV10 as well it means that, although he can kill you with gaunts, it’s not likely.

Especially if you now have 3. Hehehehehe.

I know it’s hard to tell, but if you look really close you might notice one of them has a custom base. I made this using the lid of a little box of safety pins, a kebab skewer, a drill bit, and some superglue. I hand drilled a little hole all the way through the lid, stuck my skewer through it, superglued it in place with a tiny square of wood (from a lolly stick), put more superglue on it, cut it to size and finally put a tad more glue on it. It works fine, and doesn’t look too shockingly horrendous.

Slightly better view. It's blurry because of the EXTREME SPEED.
Slightly better view. It’s blurry because of the EXTREME SPEED. Also, view of my mate’s awesomely painted ‘nids.

Because all of these are from the internet, they were in various states of construction. That’s why one has the heavy bolter it is supposed to have, but one has a storm bolter. One has a heavy bolter from a scout marine. A couple of the marines didn’t have arms, so it was a bit of fun trying to find something vaguely suitable in my bits box. Hence why some of the marines have odd poses, and one driver even has a bolter (the maniac!). Some people might think that’s not ideal, but is like it. It makes them unique.

New Phone_20140222_034

One of the actually does have a heavy flamer, sort of. I wanted to represent the weapon I always use, so I had a rummage around. I found a chaos biker from a random collection of models I bought (the 46 assorted models @ £15), and used the exhaust and handlebar cover as the nozzles. I had some fuel tank lookalike a left over from a rhino bought from ebay, and voila! Heavy flamer. Sort of. Well, I like it.


4 thoughts on “Newest Addition: Update.

  1. I don’t think you need to worry about the land raider’s survivability. It takes an incredibly lucky shot to nix one of those. Whereas mildly lucky shots will pulp predators.
    That said, now that they’ve dropped the points cost of a predator annihilator, it does make for a much bigger points gap between the two.
    Still, if you do manage to find one super cheap, I’d suggest giving the land raider a chance. It’s a brilliant method of delivering assault terminators or other in your face squads.


    1. Yeah, perhaps you’re right. They just cost a bomb! I always baulked at the points cost. 5 Assault Termies + Land Raider and you’re not getting much change out of 500pts.


      1. Yeah, I get even less change. I usually field 7 assault termies and a terminator chaplain in a crusader, which is a major point sink, but also pretty capable of smashing just about whatever I want them to. Especially if chronus is in there to raise the lethality and survivability of the crusader.
        All that said, I don’t generally play in tournaments anymore, so I don’t know how competitive my lists would be these days. They’re just a lot of fun.


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