The Iron Devourers & Showcase: Part 2

Arrival of the Astartes
The Ultramarines set about a long, drawn out process of eradicating the ‘eaters’ efficiently and definitively. Despite being the finest soldiers the Imperium of Man had to offer, their herculean task still took many years, with joined efforts between the Astartes, the local militias, local Guard regiments and citizens required to make any kind of progress.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000524
In 593.M41, almost thirty years on, the combined forces of the Lasia system had driven back the xenos tide until only Komodo’s infestation remained. What followed was a further decade of fierce, stoic determination on the part of the Astartes, until the fall of Captain Yethin, the leader of the Ultramarines, in 604.M41.

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The Birth of Lizardsbane
In 604.M41 the majority of the planet Komodo had been cleared of infestation. Following deeper and deeper purges of the planets natural caves and mines, the Ultramarines eventually found themselves facing the largest ‘ferri comedentisi’ they had encountered since arriving in the Lasia system. An enormous specimen, 35 feet in length, burst from the darkness and, along with swarms of its fellows, unleashed a final, desperate retaliation against the Astartes.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000483

No official account remains of the exact events of that day, but recollections of those marines present seem to speak of Captain Yethin wading through the tide of xenos, straight towards the largest, chainsword in hand, plasma pistol in the other.

“He was a man possessed. Never have I seen such fury from an individual, and never will I see it again. Single combat against a beast as big as a hab-block! Covered in teeth and claws! If you had told me the tale, I wouldn’t have believed you, but as I stand here now, I swear it on the Emperor’s Name. Yethin slew that beast in single combat, and the Lizardsbane was born.”
— Dreadnought Laughing Orten, Iron Devourer 1st Company

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The wounds suffered by Yethin Lizardsbane would eventually lead to his death, but not before his Gene-Seed could be retrieved. This Gene-Seed would eventually progenitor the Iron Devourers chapter.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000527

The Second Objective
With the xenos threat seemingly defeated, and their leader in a critical condition of injury, the remaining Ultramarines began the second part of their mission in the Lasia sector; to ensure, by any and all means possible, the continued loyalty of the citizens of Komodo and its neighbouring planets.
What followed was known by the authorities as the ‘Reminding’, and the survivors as the ‘Dozen of Torment’. 12 years of torture, punishment, public displays of barbarity, cruelty and bitterness was inflicted on the populace in an attempt to remind the ‘loyal’ citizens where exactly their allegiance’s lay.
Eventually, it was decided that a new Chapter of Space Marines be founded on Komodo, to continually safeguard the loyalty of the Lasia system and the continued contributions to the Imperial tithe that such a resource-rich system can provide.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000538

The Gene-Seed of Yethin Lizardsbane became the basis of the new Chapter, with the surviving members of the Ultramarines, now changed after the acts they had undertaken in the Emperor’s name, forming the First Company. Since then, the Iron Devourers have been recruiting from Lasia only those with the correct outlook on the situation of Komodo, and the stomach to do what must be done to ensure the obedience of those once called family.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000509
The Chapter would take the name of the memory most sensitive to the populace as a constant reminder that the worst fear in the galaxy is that fear of the Emperor’s retribution.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000482

Ferrous Devoratrix. The Iron Devourers.

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