The Iron Devourers & Showcase: Part 3: Kaine

Now, before I played 40k, I played Deathwatch. I was playing it for about 1½ years in total before getting back into the hobby. To be honest, that’s why I ended up playing Space Marines. I got really into the fluff, and for my Deathwatch marine I generated a custom chapter using the Rites of Battle rulebook. They were generated as a counter chapter, known for terror tactics. And the name. Iron Devourers. At first, I thought it was a stupid name, but it’s grown on me. It helped shaped the fluff for me. And, compared with some other actual Space Marine chapters (I’m looking at you, Dragon Lords, Oblators, Persecutors of Darkness, and Aurora Chapter (which is stupid because that means they’re the Aurora Chapter Chapter of Space Marines)), they’re not too ridiculous.

Anyway, the first marine I ever made, and the first Iron Devourer, was Kaine. That link is for a wiki the group I gamed with used to keep, and it’s waaay out of date, but have a gander anyway if you fancy. Let me tell you about Kaine.


Kaine was one of the original Ultramarines sent to deal with the issue of Komodo. He was a voracious fighter and a bellicose squadmate, first into a fight and the last to leave. Having passed through scout training at the usual pace, Kaine found his true calling during his station as an Assault Marine. Kaine was not happy until there was an enemy in sight and a chainsword in his hand.

He was seconded unto the Deathwatch some time after the death of Yethin Lizardsbane, in roughly 680.M41. He was present during Lizardsbane’s death, and was the first to volunteer to become an Iron Devourer.


During his time in the Deathwatch, Kaine has served the Emperor in numerous hostiles, most famously of which was the Malakite Mission. Inquisitor Malakite was revealed to be a follower of Chaos, and was responsible for the capture and torture of Kill-Team Epsilon, of which Kaine was a part. Extensive physical trauma and exposure to powerful warp energies was what first sowed the seeds of Kaine’s inevitable fate.

Once the team had begun to escape, Kaine was left without a weapon. Seizing a discarded meltagun, Kaine took to the enemy with fury, little realising that the insidious force of Chaos were bleeding into him with every shot. Each melta shot pumped into the enemy drew Kaine closer to the embrace of Chaos, his soul being fought over by both Nurgle and Khorne. With the conclusion of the Malakite mission, Kaine appeared normal, if slightly more furious than normal.

From Lexicanum

It wasn’t until much later, during a Kill-Team’s unexpected encounter with the space hulk Mortis Thule. When the Mortis Thule was dragged into the Warp, Kaine was not within the only functioning Gellar field in range, and thus his fate was sealed.

The rest of the Kill-Team spent a long time searching for him, before giving him up for lost. It wasn’t until they were about to leave did Kaine make his return. Instead of one of the Emperor’s finest, they beheld a monster. A winged, deformed monstrosity, bearing Kaine’s voice and name, but bearing horns and a claw. Kaine still believed he was loyal, and was surprised when his brothers opened fire on him.

After a brutal fight, Kaine was destroyed by brave brother Hreidar, wielding a mighty Thunder Hammer.

Kaine’s name echoes down the annals as yet another sad example of the sad reality of any good soul in the Imperium. None are safe.


From Wallpaper Vortex

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