Land Speeders: From start to finish.

Evenin’ all,

You might remember a while back I told you that I’d bought two land speeders from eBay in lieu of the Land Raider (sniff). Well, here’s a few pictures and a guide on how I managed it.

The original listing.
The original listing.

So above is what I saw on eBay, and is obviously what I eventually won. I didn’t realise they would come with bases, but you can just see one a bit behind the Black Templar speeder.

As you can see, they’re in a bit of a state. But that’s ok! We can save them!

They arrived very speedily a few days later:

In this bag.
In this bag.

I don’t seem to have luck with people and packaging. Ho well.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000576
Mood lighting unintentional.

So, reassessment. The plain grey land speeder has a few problems.

  1. Wonky prong-thing
  2. Driver is missing front of body
  3. No one has any arms or weapons.

Now, if you look closely you can see the front of our pilot, just to the right of the top base.

NOKIA Lumia 800_000578
♫♪♫ Suddenly ♫♪♫
NOKIA Lumia 800_000580
♫♪♫ I’m not half the man I used to be ♫♪♫

Anyway, so a few issues. These aren’t too bad though.

The Black Templar speeder has a few probs too:

  1. It’s been painted, so will need to be stripped.
  2. Its prong has been unpronged.
  3. It’s.. well… mouldy.
NOKIA Lumia 800_000582
NOKIA Lumia 800_000581
You’d think someone who purges the unclean would bathe occasionally.

Eurgh, mould! And not just as in mold-lines! The other type of mould!

Hey well. At least he has a weapon / arms. I went into my box’o’bits and found some arms/shoulder pads for the other speeder. The only heavy bolter I had lying around was from a devastator kit, and I didn’t want to butcher that incase I wanted it on a normal marine.

What I elected to do was instead give them a storm bolter from a terminator and a normal bolter, which could sort of equate to a heavy bolter a bit kinda.

I also wanted to try and model a heavy flamer onto it, as I tend to use heavy flamer loadouts on them. I took the wirecutters to a chaos biker I had lying around. I used the exhausts as the barrel and some canisters left over from a rhino as the tankers. I used the front part of the handlebars as of the bike as a cover. You’ll see that a little later.

So, to the stripping! (steady now)

I put them in my trusty box of dettol. FYI, you can reuse dettol a bunch of times. I don’t know if it ever really loses its paint-removing ability.

After about a day, I took ’em out and gave ’em a good scrubbing.

New Phone_20140222_008
Not so black anymore!
New Phone_20140222_006
The driver has a bolter normally, but his hand fell off pre-photo.

New Phone_20140222_010You might notice that there is still a fair amount of black stuff. It can be very hard to strip them 100%, so I made do with this. I was betting on it not making a difference once I’d sprayed them.

A bit of spraying, and…

New Phone_20140222_013 New Phone_20140222_014

Not too shabby.

All that was left was to paint them.


And there they are. The base was done with the Agrellan Earth GW Technical paint, some PVA glue, and some static grass.


I’m happy with the effect!

And for the heavy flamer:

WP_20140316_008 WP_20140316_009

Ta daa!

Easy as that.


2 thoughts on “Land Speeders: From start to finish.

  1. Very interesting read. I think you brought them back to glory, after they suffered such a horrible fate. I am amazed how bad people treat their stuff, especially thinking about the value of these pieces…


    1. Crazy, eh? I can understand poorly painted models, because some people just don’t know how to paint them. But the state some of these are in..! I’ll do a post about the rhinos at some point. My goodness they were a mess.


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