Squat Codex 1: HQ

Hey all,

Who here likes Squats?


Damn right you do!

I can’t say I’ve much experience with them, but I love the idea of Space Dwarfs. I’ve been working on my own Squat codex for fun when commuting to and from work, and I thought I’d post some of the stuff I have written here. I’d appreciate feedback if you think it’s ridiculous!


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.24.33


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.24.43


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.25.31



Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.24.49


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.25.01


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.16.27

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.31.58


2 thoughts on “Squat Codex 1: HQ

  1. I see you put a great deal of effort in the codex. I am not familiar with the ruleset, but I just wanted to say that your special abilities are very flavourful and in my opinion match the idea of space dwarves. Is the miniature in the beginning a conversion of yours?


    1. Thank you very much. I have plenty more where that came from! I’ve been trying my best to make them as ’40k’ as possible.

      Unfortunately, the mini is not one of mine. I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s fantastic. Once I have a full codex written, I’d like to start converting then.


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