Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Devourers (with pictures!)


I have even more pictures for you lovely people!

I had a game yesterday with a friend of mine, 2000 points, Crusade, Vanguard deployment. 5 objectives.

The pictures keep uploading in the wrong order, so view the pictures from the bottom-up!

(Never mind, I fixed it 🙂)


Space Wolf Army Highlights:

Njall Stormcaller (Warlord)

Bjorn the Fell-Handed

Rune Priest

16 Blood claws (you’ll see why later)

Land Raider

Lone Wolf with Jump Pack, Power fist and Storm Shield (gulp!)

Group of Long fangs with lascannons and missile launchers.

Wolf Scouts with Heavy Bolter.

Several groups of Grey Hunters with a rhino and a razorback


Iron Devourer Highlights:

Chaplain with Jump Pack (Warlord)

Assault Squad with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol

5 man Termie squad with Chain Fist and Assault Cannon

5 man Hammernator Squad

Stormtalon Gunship

Scout Squad with Camo Cloaks, Snipers and Melta Bombs

Bike Squad with Melta, Melta bombs and Multi-Melta Attack Bike (guess who their target was?)

3 five man Devastator Squads armed with Lascannons, Plasma Cannons and Missile launchers.

Several Tactical Squads with rhinos

This isn’t a comprehensive list, just a rough list of the units involved.


So, the game started with Space Wolves deploying first and taking first turn. In the first turn, they shunted their Land Raider, which was brimming with Blood Claws, towards my lines, whilst laying down some serious fire on the Space Marines. The only significant casualty was Rhino. The Lone Wolf hurtles towards the Space Marine line, caring nothing for his own worthless life.

Space Marine turn one sees an enormous amount of firepower poured into the scary Land Raider, but no no effect! Not a sausage. The bikers and other dozens of meltas all centred on it, in a bid to blow it to kingdom come, but no dice unfortunately, The Hammernators were spooked and only managed to shift a few inches around. The scouts climbed up a ruin and hid. Amazingly, the Lone Wolf is taken down by a single 5 man squad in a rhino, with the killing blow going to the rhino’s Storm Bolter.

Turn 2 sees the arrival of the Wolf Scouts on the Space Marine table edge, and the destruction a melta-filled rhino that was ready to cause some serious pain to the Land Raider. The Rhino was wrecked, and the next assault phase saw the Blood Claws absolutely destroy the 10 man Squad on the inside. Dear oh dear! In other news, Bjorn, with help from most of the Space Wolf shooters, murder the whole bike squad.

Turn 2 Space Marines sees the arrival of the Storm Talon, which manages to blow up Njall with a combination of Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher. The 5 man Grey Hunter squad that were sort of with him start looking a little worried as the Chaplain and his posse start heading towards them pretty sharpish. The scouts manage to charge 10 inches through difficult terrain (and from a building) to enter melee with the Land Raider, hoping to Melta him to death. Bjorn takes an unlucky shot to the face and blows up. The Storm Shield/Thunder Hammer Terminators decide to avenge their fallen comrades and charge over the wreckage of the Iron Devourer rhino, slamming straight into the squad of Blood Claws. Feeling fairly confident, the Terminators get ready to unleash the pain, but amazingly 4/5 of them are slain in a single round of combat before they can even land a blow. The Sergeant survives and kills a single Bloow Claw (too right he bloody does!). The Scout Sergeant manages to MISS with a melta bomb, essentially confirming his own death and uselessness. The Land Raider survives another round of concentrated devastator fire.

Space Wolf turn 3 sees the utter destruction of the Scouts, and the one-shot-lascannon-exploding-fastasticalness of the Long Fangs against the Storm Talon. A single Long Fang destroyed it with a single hit, causing it to bounce harmlessly from the hull of the inexorable Land Raider. Assault saw the Terminator Captain miraculously survive, after the cowardly Rune Priest declined a challenge. Boo! Hiss! The captain didn’t manage to squish any more Blood Claws though.

Space Marine Turn 3 saw the Land Raider absorb another round of shooting, with a pissed-off devastator with a plasma cannon actually manage to roast himself trying to hit both the raider and the Blood Claws. A group of Grey Hunters had arrived to secure the body of Bjorn, but the normal Terminators and Dreadnought had something to say about that. The Dreadnought managed one of the least spectacular charges in history, managing first to hit himself with his own frag missile then die to overwatch fire. The terminators, however, were a bit more reliable, and managed to get rid up in the nose of the Hunters and squish a few, losing a terminator in return. The Chaplain descended on the small grey hunters unit on the bridge, and wiped them out with no trouble. The Terminator Sergeant, bellowing for someone to accept his challenge and questioning the size of the Space Wolves’ genitals, was murdered by a baying pack of Blood Claws.

Space Wolf turn 4 saw some Long-Fang on Devastator Shooty Action as they picked off a few, and a large unit of Grey Hunters go Objective hunting. The Blood Claws clamoured back into the Land raider and took off on another mad objective grab.

Space Marine turn 4 led to the exploding of a rhino by a tactical squad by Bjorn, the trundling of Terminators and the destruction of a razorback by the Chaplain et al, with a squad of devastators causing signidicant damage to the objective-holding Grey Hunters.

Space Wolf turn 5 saw the Blood Claws re-emerge, and butcher a group of devastators with Missile Launchers, and the Land Raider popping a few more, and the Long Fangs providing support. The Grey Hunters that held the objective before and were blown up by rockets rallied and headed back to it, along with the wolf scouts.

Space Marine turn 5 saw objective-holding and Chaplain-Hiding. The Chap and his chaps hid by a little bunker, staring at the Land Raider whilst daring some of the Space Wolf remnants to engage them. A single plasma Cannon Devastator killed a few Blood Claws, but didn’t do much other than that. The Land Raider shrugged off even more lascannon shots from the Dev Squad in the corner.

Space Wolf turn 6 saw the end of the Plasma Devastator squad, and the whittling down of the Chaplain’s squad. The end draws near…

Space Marine turn 6 saw more Chaplain Hiding and Land Raider Surviving. One more turn!

In Space Wolf turn 7 the Rune Priest managed to smite a 2 tactical marines, forcing a leadership check and causing them to flee off the objecting they were holding, and off the board! Sneaky Space Wolf! The Chaplain met his grisly end at the hand of the Land Raider, who assault cannoned him into the dirt.

Space Marine turn 7 saw the eventual end of the Land Raider, wrecking it when it didn’t matter any more. No significant casualties caused, meaning game over!

Space Wolf Victory!



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