Making Objective Markers (sort of) on the cheap

Morning everyone! Unless wherever you are it isn’t morning. In which case, evening everyone! When it comes to using Objectives in games of 40k, I usually just use a dice or some equivalent. I like the idea of custom objective markers, but I’d never really given any thought as to how to make ’em. I’d recently ordered some larger 40mm bases for some old-style terminators I’d eBayed, and I got to thinking they’d make nice sized custom objectives, if only I had some things to actually go on the base… I thought I didn’t really have anything that would work, but then I remembered all the random bits and bobs left over from my other models. When I’d bought a tactical marine box set, and been given a devastator marine set for Christmas, I had a collection of random grenades and pouches and stuff, as well as other vehicle accoutrements and miscellany just lying around. Perfect! New Phone_20140412_074

New Phone_20140412_068 New Phone_20140412_070 New Phone_20140412_065 New Phone_20140412_064 New Phone_20140412_062 New Phone_20140412_061 New Phone_20140412_059 New Phone_20140412_060
New Phone_20140412_072 New Phone_20140412_073

For Scale
For Scale

And here’s how I made them:

You will need: 

  1. Bases or similar New Phone_20140412_010
  2. Your Bits BoxNew Phone_20140412_011
  3. Glue (I used superglue)New Phone_20140412_014
  4. Your Paints/BrushesNew Phone_20140412_016New Phone_20140412_017
  5. Basing materialsNew Phone_20140412_015

The first step is to gather all the bits you think you’ll need. This depends on the kind of objective marker you want to make. I collected a random bunch of smaller bits and gained inspiration from them, instead of coming up with an idea first and then finding bits to suit it. New Phone_20140412_020 Next, start glueing them on to the base. New Phone_20140412_022 New Phone_20140412_023 New Phone_20140412_024 New Phone_20140412_027 (Handy gripping tool to keep it steady while it dries optional)   New Phone_20140412_031 New Phone_20140412_032     New Phone_20140412_033 New Phone_20140412_041 New Phone_20140412_039   Once that’s dried, take ol’ reliable here:   New Phone_20140412_045 (and yes, I do use a Winnie the Pooh mug in my painting.)       New Phone_20140412_046(Just look at that face) Next, spray ’em up: New Phone_20140412_047 New Phone_20140412_049 New Phone_20140412_050 New Phone_20140412_051 New Phone_20140412_054(I didn’t spray this one, as you can probably tell. I painted the paper by hand with Imperial Primer) Once they’ve dried, paint them! New Phone_20140412_056 And done! Custom objective markers, and the only thing I really paid for was the bases, which I had bought for another purpose.


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