Battle Report: Nurgle vs Iron Devourers 1750 points

What a slog! Fighting Chaos is always tricky (especially for normal marines), and Nurgle is even harder. An entire army of Toughness 5 FNP Space Marines means excellent survivability. How much, exactly? An an average bolter shot will remove a Plague Marine model 3.7% of the time for a Space Marine firing a bolter. With a combat squad of 5 marines, each rapid firing, you’re only going to kill 0.37 models. That’s removing a Plague Marine 37% of the time, for each 10 shots. That sucks! Especially when each return shot is going to kill you 11.11% of the time, or for a unit of 10 plague marines rapid firing, you’re likely to lose 2.22 marines each time you get shot. Ouch. And don’t even mention the fact that Plague Marines get 2 attacks as standard due to their loadout (three on the champion!), and defensive grenades, so goodbye bonus attacks on the charge. All this, while still being able to take heavy weapons and, if your Chaos Lord is Nurgle-aligned, hold objectives. Brutal! Lesson for next tine: Poison is your friend.

Big Guns Never Tire, 1750 points, Hammer and Anvil. Opponent: Sceleris. Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.

List wise, here’s a general run-down of what we both had. Chaos Space Marines:

  • Chaos Lord with power weapon.
  • Chaos Sorcerer, level 2.
  • 1 unit of Possessed
  • 3 units of 10 Plague Marines, one in a rhino, armed mostly with Meltas.
  • 2 units of 3 Chaos Spawn
  • 1 Hellbrute
  • 1 Obliterator, in reserve.

Loyalist Space Marines:

  • Chaplain with Jump Pack
  • Librarian
  • 5 man Assault Squad with Plasma Pistol and Power Fist
  • 2 10 man Tactical squads, combat squadded in Rhinos. One has Melta, Multi-Melta and Meltabombs, one has Flamer/Missile Launcher.
  • 5 man Scout squad with cloaks and snipers
  • 2 Land Speeders with Multi-Meltas
  • Dreadnought with Multi-Melta and Powerfist
  • Dreadnought with Missile launcher and Assault Cannon
  • Stormtalon with Skyhammer Missile launcher and Twin Linker Assault Cannon, in reserve
  • 5 man Assault Terminator squad with TH/SS, in reserve
  • 5 man Dev squad with 3 Lascannons
  • 5 man Dev squad with 3 Plasma Cannons

Turn 1 Nurgle: Nurgle turn on saw a lot of units moving up, with the spawns making good ground on the centre and left flank. A pot-shot by the Hellbrute didn’t manage to destroy the right-flank SM rhino, but did damage it.

Turn 1 SM: The dreadnoughts and land speeders moved up and brought their weapons to bear, and the rhinos started approaching the objectives nearest to them. The combined fire of the Land Speeders, Dev squads and Dreadnoughts brought the Hellbrute down, as well as a single spawn, but little else.

Turn 2 Nurgle: closing the gap, the left unit of spawn charged the combat squad, killing half of them, and receiving no wounds in return. The possessed approached, and waitied in the ruins in the centre. The rhino sped into SM lines, and the plague marines stayed put.

Turn 2 SM: several possessed were killed, but not enough. The land speeders and dreadnoughts shot what they could, but did little damage. The chaplain and his jump units headed for the Chaos sorcerer and his plague marines.

Turn 3 Nurgle: the obliterator materialised right behind Space Marine lines, and lay into the nearby Dreadnought, immobilising it. The spawn on the left continued their fight against the combat squad, while the last remaining spawn in the centre charged the land speeders, killing one and immobilising the other. The Dreadnought was immobilised by fire, too, and a rhino full of melta was blown up, but no one was hurt. They were pinned, though.

Turn 3 SM: the Assault Terminators and Stormtalon arrived to say hello. The Assault Terminators deep-striked near the corner unit of Plague Marines, ready to wipe them off the objective. The Stormtalon flew down the centre, opening into the possessed. Rather foolishly, perhaps, the Chaplain and his unit charged the Chaos Lord, and the Librarian charged the Sorcerer and his Possessed. The combat squad on the right flank tried to bring down the obliterator, but failed. In assault, the combat on the left still held their own, with just a single marine, against the two spawn. The Chaplain challenged the Chaos Lord, and the Sergeant of the librarians squad issued a challenge to the sorcerer, which was accepted by the possessed leader. Whuh oh. The Librarian and his unit were wiped out by the possessed immediately, but the sergeant survived his duel, though so did his opponent. The chaplain managed to wound the Lord, and take a wound in return, and barely a plague marine was lost in the rest of the combat, whereas 3 Assault Marines went down.

Turn 4 Nurgle: the obliterator shot the combat squad next to him, and charged them. The chaos spawn finished off the land speeder, then charged the dev squad. hiding up in the rocks. The Chaplain survived, but didn’t hurt the Chaos lord, and the rest of the assault squad was eaten, along with the sergeant facing off the possessed in the ruins. The Chaos Sorcerer leapt in at the last moment to finish the sergeant off, intervening in the challenge, and was granted extra weapon skill from the Gods of Chaos. Miraculously, the individual marine in the far corner was still holding his own against 2 chaos spawn! 2 Assault Terminators were felled in a volley of bolter and melta fire(!).

Turn 4 SM: The Stormtalon gunned down a some Possessed, as did the Dreadnoughts. The 3 remaining Assault Terminators and the Melta Squad charged the Plague Marines in the ruins. The scouts hopped off their bunker to assist against the Obliterator in melee, and the Plasma Cannon Devs tried to climb down their ruins to claim an objective, but rolled so poorly they had to stay still. The Assault Terminators and Melta crew charged the Plague Marines on their objective. In assault, all 3 of the Assault Terminators were killed (!!), but none of the ordinary marines were. Ouch! The Chaplain finally fell, after inflicting no wounds on the Lord, and the rest of the Assault Squad met grisly ends, too. Ouch!! Worst of all, the lone marine fending off two Spawns single handedly died too. Ouch!!! Few casualties happened elsewhere, with small squads fighting small squads and both taking punishment.

Turn 5 Nurgle: The moving and shooting phase consisted of the Possessed moving towards the melta squad, and the engaged plague marines taking pot-shots at the Stormtalon to no effect. In the assaults, however, the Spawn charged the devastators with the Plasma cannons, the Possessed charged the Melta Combat Squad, and more brutality was inflicted on the majority of the Space Marine army. Thankfully, the addition of the Scouts was enough to finish off the Obliterator, but no spawn were defeated. The melta squad was reduced to a single model, but not before the Sorcerer became locked in a challenge with the Sergeant and failing to hurt him. The sergeant did little better! 

Turn 5 ID: The unengaged Space Marines started running for the unclaimed Objectives, and the Stormtalon, to prevent crashed, started hovering and trying to blast the Lord to bits, but failing. In melee, the Melta marine squad was murdered, leaving the Plague Marines in that fight free to claim their objective, but not much else died.

Did the game continue?


Turn 6 Nurgle: The Lord, his retinue of Plague Marines and the neighbouring squad of Plague Marines both abandoned their objectives to try and destroy the Stormtalon. Grenades, bolt pistols, meltas and powerfists were unable to take it down, however, and he lived to fight another day! The Spawn against the lascannon squad finally died, but not much else happened.

Turn 6 ID: Very little happened on the Space Marine turn 6 other than mad objective dashing (and failing). A few pot-shots were taken, but they were in vain, as there was no hope of shifting any Nurgle marines off of any objectives.

Did the game continue?


Final tally: Nurgle

  • Slay the Warlord
  • Linebreaker
  • 1 Objective

Iron Devourers

  • First Blood
  • 1 Objective
  • 1 Heavy Support Killed

Result: Draw!

(To be honest though, my sporting opponent could have ignored my Stormtalon, and there would have been no disputing his victory then. But, Chaos being Chaos, couldn’t help himself!) Below, the pictures, and in the right order, too! (I’ve figured out how to arrange them better, and in order, so if you check my previous photo posts, you’ll see ’em all new and shingly)


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