Land Raider (Frugal-Pattern)

You might remember my previous post, in which I posted a picture of this beauty:



What had started as an Easter project turned into a single-sitting-get-it-done-in-one-evening-project. Hey well.

So, you might notice that’s this is a Chaos Land Raider. The only real chaosy bits are the sigils on the front and the two marines.

New Phone_20140418_010

You ain’t fooling anyone, mate. You’re about as loyal as Walder Frey.

The inside was already painted by my friend, and I liked it, so I didn’t want to soak this in Dettol as it’d mess the inside up. Also, it would stinkNew Phone_20140418_008 New Phone_20140418_009

Flash on cameras and warhammer models don’t mix

Aaanyway, first thing I did was to try and get rid of some if the primer, and the chaos symbols. The primer was on fairly thick in places, and I didn’t want it to show.

New Phone_20140418_004

Hmm… It’ll do. (mistake! I realised later that I hadn’t removed it as much as I’d thought… Never mind!)

Next, a minor case of decapitation and removal:

New Phone_20140418_012
New Phone_20140418_013


He was right tricksy weasel to remove!

I think we need some more drivers. I think I’ll use the head from what I think was the devastator squad, combined with a servo skull (I like servo skulls)…

New Phone_20140418_024

And, in homage to the old running joke, this guy can command it:New Phone_20140418_016

This was after unceremoniously removing his legs/lower body. 

Hmm, looks like he could do with a little more je nais se quoi

New Phone_20140418_026

Much better!

OK, time for some treads.

New Phone_20140418_019

And some balancing..!New Phone_20140418_020

If your Raider is this way up, you’ve normall done something wrong. Also, I recommend that if you want to add a servo skull to the top like I did, you try not to rest it upside down, like I did.

OK, treaded up. Weapons!

Now, I could/should have magnetised these so I can easily swap them for Hurricane Bolters or Flamestorm Cannons etc, but I didn’t. I was too excited to finish it completely and have it functional and robust as opposed to versatile. I have a tendency to fluff up delicate work and ruin things, so I’d rather it do one thing well than several things shoddily.

Also, I broke 2/4 of the little pegs that you clip the weapons onto, so it’d make it so much harder.

New Phone_20140418_021Shwing!

New Phone_20140418_023

And shwing! I love lascannon sponsons SO MUCH.

So, time for some priming, I reckon! First, I grab ol’ reliable.

New Phone_20140418_030

Get ready to spray, aaaand…New Phone_20140418_031

What? Why isn’t it working?

It was at this point I realised that ol’ reliable had failed me. My spray tin had run entirely dry! Not even a fine mist. And, because I’d recently moved from Cardiff to Bristol, I couldn’t buy the paint from my local bargain shop. Noo!

I guess it’s back to hand priming for now…

New Phone_20140418_034

I wasn’t looking forward to this.


Then I thought… Maybe I could just paint over the red primer? It’d be less thick, and if I was thorough, it wouldn’t make too much of a difference (contrary to what I have said previously!)…

Righto then, time for painting! First it’s Mr Commander:

Then the rest…

The smallest part of this post took the longest time in real life. If only it was that easy…

And done!


  • Land Raider : £15
  • Sergeant from Black Reach: (part of a set that costed me £6.15 (in which I also got 8 terminators, a bike, and 4 other Tacticals) £1.20

Uh, I think that’s it…

Not bad!

Just don’t be afraid of ‘resucing’ an old model. If you’re offered a cheap deal that’ll take a bit of work, I’d say go for it. This took a bit of time to neaten up, and customising to get it to look how I wanted it, but I saved myself £30.

The one thing I do regret is rushing it. I was so pumped to get it done that I was sloppy with a lot of the details. There’s still a fair bit of red undercoat in places, and that means it doesn’t look particularly great, but I am happy with it, overall.


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