Battle Report: Iron Hands & Imperial Guard vs Iron Devourers 2000 points

So, my next game was against someone I met on the Forums, a chap called TomW. He told me he’s been into 40k for a while, but hasn’t had much experience with 6th edition yet. So he asked if anyone wanted to play, and I said yes! The rest is detailed below…


The Relic2000 points, Deployment Type: Hammer and Anvil. Opponent: TomW. Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.

  • MARNEUS ‘THE DON’ CALGAR (in Terminator Armour)
  • 5 Honour Guards w/ Power Weapons
  • Terminator Chaplain w/ The Primarch’s Wrath
  • 10 man Terminator Squad w/ Assault Cannon and Chain Fish
  • 5 man Hammernators
  • 10 man Tactical Squad with Lascannon and Rhino
  • 5 man Scout Squad w/ Camo Cloaks and Snipers
  • Stormtalon Gunship w/ Skyhammer Missle launchers
  • Land Raider
  • 5 man Devastator Squad w/ 3x Plasma Cannons and Rhino

As you can see, I was going for a theme. 1075 of my 2000 points were on units in Terminator armour. I thought it’d be a laugh, and I wanted an excuse to use almost all of my terminator models. Not quite all, I have an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in termy armour, but most of them! As for the rest, it was fairly standard stuff, other than the Honour Guard. I love the models, but they’re usually squishy. They have a 2+ armour save, which is tasty, but no invuln at all. Not good. But, when they do get into melee, my gosh are they awesome. 4 attacks on the charge at AP3 is nasty, and the Chapter Champion gets 5. And, if you fancy it, give them Power Axes for free for that yummy AP2.

So this was a list that was either going to crumble if my opponent had AP2, or wither disgusting amounts of fire. This was definitely a punchy list, so I was looking forward to lots of squishy humans to power fist to gruel!

And then I saw his army.

Iron Hands Primary Detachment:

  • Chaplain w/ Melta Bombs (warlord)
  • 5 man Assault Terminators w/ 3x TH/SS & 2 w/ Lightning Claws.
  • 10 man Tactical Squad with Melta and Multimelta
  • 10 man Tactical Squad with Plasma Gun and Heavy Bolter

Imperial Guard detachment

  • Lord Commissar w/ Power Sword (badass)
  • Primaris Psyker
  • Platoon Command Squad w/ Power Sword & 3 Flamers in a Chimera w/ Multi Lasers
  • 30 man Infantry Squad with 3 grenade launchers
  • Leman Russ Executioner(!) with Plasma Sponsons (!!)

that was it I think. Wait, that list is 750 points short. What did I forget?

Oh yeah.


  • Land Raider
  • Land Raider

THREE Land Raiders?! I don’t have anywhere near the amount of Anti Tank to reliably take down 1 Land Raider, let alone 3! Ulp! And combined with the It Will Not Die on then due to Chapter Tactics, I was in a bit of a state!

Well, I had a lot of Power Fists and Thunder Hammers, so I was going to have to glance me some Land Raiders to death. I did have 3 Lascannons and a couple of Assault Cannons, so I could try for some rending hits. But either way, that was going to be a tough nut (3 of them) to crack.


I wanted to try and make my Battle Reports a bit more, well, sport-y, so I’d asked Tom a few questions before we started…

If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?
TomW: Lots’o. Land. Raiders. 

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?
Knowing I shall be against Space Marines, the Leman Russ Executioner shall do some real damage Strength 7 AP 2 shall melt power armour like it is nothing!

What would you have taken with another 250 points?
Another Land Raider of course! 



As you can see, it was a city-themed terrain-heavy battlefield. Lots of buildings, ruins, walkways etc taken from Necromunda and Cities of Death scenery. My favourite kind of battlefield!

We rolled for Hammer and Anvil deployment, and then warlord traits. Tom got the one that lets units with 12″ use the Warlord’s leadership (handy), and I got the one that lets me get extra victory points if I kill the enemy warlord in a challenge. Lovely! Tom wisely chose Prescience on his Psyker, and we were all ready to deploy. Tom chose his side, and I chose to go first. Thankfully the initiative wasn’t stolen, and so began turn 1…

Turn 1 ID: Turn one was fairly quiet. I moved one of my combat squads, and my Land Raider with MARNEUS CALGAR and the Honour Guard in. My Assault Terminators foot -slogged (foot-slug? Foot slagged?) their way up one of the flanks, ready to punch some Land Raider, whilst hiding like cowards from the Executioner. My other Terminators were all deep striking, so they bided their time, for now. (Bided? Bade? Bode?).

Shooting wise, I think all I managed to do was kill 2 guardsmen with my Sniper Scouts. While that made no difference to the game, it made all the difference in the world to those Guardsmen, as I was reminded by Stu, the gent that owns the pub. Poor guys. I feel bad now.

Not managing to clinch first blood was a problem, as that’s one of the major advantages to going first. Hopefully I’d be able to weather the hideous amounts of lascannons/plasma that was about to come my way!

Turn 1 IH&IG: Unfortunatly for Tom, the moment his moving phase started he realised an error that might come back to bite him. Because we were playing on a building-heavy board, and because he had so many large vehicles, it was hard for him to manoeuvre them. In an attempt to protect himself with cover, he’d accidentally limited himself offensively. Never mind, though! Tom didn’t let that stop him.

Turn one for the Iron Hands and Guardsmen saw the Guardsmen moving up, and the tanks shifting around to get better shots on my heavier stuff. The Land Raider Crusader moved forward to oppose my Land Raider, and the Melta Tactical Squad disembarked to shoot as my Assault Terminators.

Shooting wise, again, surprisingly little happened on the whole. 2 of my Assault Terminators fell to Lascannon and Melta fire, but that was about it. Most of the targets he could fire at had either 2+/3++, 2+ cover, or were AV14. Mercifully, I didn’t lose any full units, and so didn’t concede first blood. On to turn 2…

Turn 2 ID: First things first, every single part of my reserves came on in one go, which was nice! Two terminator squads and a Storm Talon. They each appeared in front of the Land Raider. None of the Termies scattered, because I bought the upgrade for MARNEUS CALGAR, and that means he has a teleport homer. Although he was in a vehicle, Tom graciously allowed me to use it still, as it wasn’t clear whether you could or not.

So, there were suddenly many many more Terminators on the field! The Land Raider stormed up in the space that was left, and MARNEUS CALGAR and the Honour Squad rushed out to punch a Land Raider. The Assault Termies went to meet the squad of Tacticals on their side, and my Tacticals in a Rhino zoomed off towards the relic.

Shooting saw some more Guardsmen fall, and a few Tacticals, but the important part was I managed to stun the Executioner, meaning it could only snap fire. For a tank with 5 Plasma blasts, that was huge. My Terminators were safe! My Stormtalon tried to rend a Land Raider, as did my Terminators, but both failed :(.

Assault saw some brutal happenings, with the Melta Tactical squad dying horribly to the squad of Assault Terminators, snaffling me first blood. MARNEUS CALGAR charged the Land Raider in front of him, and somehow managed to inflict 3 Glancing Hits on it. Mental!

Turn 2 IH&IG: The proud men and women of the Imperial Guard tried their best to join in the fight, but found themselves stuck behind a wall of tanks. Instead, their Psyker gave them prescience, and they took to shooting Space Marines instead. 

The squad of Assault Terminators, with the Warlord Chaplain, disembarked from their Land Raider Crusader to bravely face down MARNEUS CALGAR and his squad. Except they had other fish to fry…

Shooting saw another Hammernator on my side fall, but not much else. This was a non-shooty game, apparently!

In the assault phase, the Chaplain braced himself for a brutal charge against my shooty-Terminator Combat Squad. All they needed was 4 inches… But they failed! Uh oh! That left the Warlord and his Assault Terminator Squad slap bang in the centre of lots of unhappy Terminators…

Turn 3 ID: My Tactical Squad in the Rhino disembarked to grab the relic, and all of my Terminators got ready to charge. This was going to be a painful turn for Tom!

Most of the shooting was just pot shots from Terminators at normal Marines, and a few random Guardsmen dying from Plasma Cannon shots. My flier managed to destroy the Executioner by flying over it and Assault Cannoning it in the bum. On to assaults…

You can probably guess what happened. 3 separate groups of Terminators, an Honour Guard squad and MARNEUS CALGAR all charging whatever they could find. That’s lots of Power Fists, Thunder Hammers and Crozus Arcanum hits. MARNEUS CALGAR challenged the Iron Hands Warlord, who bravely accepted, looking to show the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines what he was made of. Unfortunately, everyone was able to see what he was made of after he was squashed into the dirt. Because of my Warlord Trait, that also netted me 2 Victory Points, and because of the 1 from Slay the Warlord, that put me on 3. I managed to lost my Chapter Champion (nooo), and amazingly, one Iron Hands Terminator survived (one without a Storm Shield!), meaning I was still locked in combat. Crunch-wise, that meant lots of my Terminators couldn’t be shot at. Silly rules! We also had to stop and think, because the Chapter Champion has to issue and accept challenges, if possible, but I’d done that with MARNEUS CALGAR. Do I have to use the champion? Tom let me use MARNEUS CALGAR anyway, because it made more sense, and was awesomer.

Turn 3 IH&IG: After the death of the Warlord, Tom unloaded all his remaining Space Marines and lined them up, surrounding the Terminators and getting ready to unleash the pain. The Guardsmen still moved up. The Command Squad, however, had disembarked last turn, and got ready to roast them some Space Marines!

Shooting saw the entire Squad holding the relic die to the fire from the Command Squad. Ouch! Once those Guardsmen get close, they hit hard. More concentrated shooting saw several Terminators from the heaving mass taken down, but there were still many left standing. 2+ saves are incredible. A few Lascannons at the Storm Talon saw it hit, but not wounded, unbelievably.

Assault saw the last Terminator utterly wrecked by MARNEUS CALGAR, who used his Power Sword to take him down at I5 for the heck of it.




Turn 4 IDMARNEUS CALGAR‘s attention was drawn by the blob of 25 of so Guardsmen remaining, so he trundled his way to them. followed by some Terminators. Meanwhile, the other ‘nators spread out to go Land Raider hunting. The Scouts, realising they should really go claim the Relic, tried to move down but rolled poorly, so basically stayed in their tower. The same happened with the other Combat Squad. Silly Marines! Climbing is easy!

The Storm Talon flew off the board, and the rest of the shooting was mostly ineffectual, but that’s OK. Mine was an army built for punching!

The Terminators punched some Land Raiders, but didn’t do anything since my Chainfist died. My other marines tried to run down the ruins they were in, but failed (doh!).

MARNEUS CALGAR failed his charge against the puny Guardsmen, but that shouldn’t matter. He’ll just get in next turn…

Turn 4 IH&IG: The Noble Astra Militarium decided enough was enough and moved into good range of MARNEUS CALGAR. Other than that, there wasn’t a huge amount of moving left to Tom. On to shooting.

My god, what a round:

  1. 25 Guardsmen with Lasrifles and Grenade Launchers.
  2. + Prescience
  3. + First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire
  4. = PAIN.

I don’t even know how many shots were fired that turn. I know that frag grenades alone caused around 8 hits, and 11 or so Guardsmen were only(!) shooting twice. The other 10 or so were shooting 3 times!! So that’s 50 shots, give or take, rerolling misses. OUCH.

Every available vehicle’s weapons swivelled and locked onto MARNEUS CALGAR as well. There was a hideous amount of fire coming his way.

He did not survive.

One round of shooting wiped out the entire Honour Guard squad, and MARNEUS CALGAR himself. Slay the Warlord! I honestly didn’t expect the big cheese to die. Well played, Tom!

But Space Marines don’t like it when their leaders get killed…

Turn 5 ID: The scouts failed again to climb stairs, and stayed put. The other Tac squad managed to finally get into their Rhino, but time contraints meant this had to be out last turn, so not that helpful!

Shooting saw the death of the Command Squad and their flamers, which was nice for me. Nothing could have compared to the last turn though!

In Assault, the first Land Raider of the game was Wrecked by Termies. One Temie squad managed to charge the Guardsmen to make them pay!!

…Unfortunately for them, despite killing a few soldiers, most of the Terminators were wiped out, as Prescience was still in effect, and Power Axes are nasty against 2+ saves. Oops.

Turn 5 IH&IG: The final turn saw the wiping out of the Terminator Squad in Assault, and a few more shots flying around, but that was all. Because I had to cut the game short, Tom was robbed of his chance to steal the relic, and a victory or draw. Let’s tally up the scores…

Final tally-

Iron Hands and Imperial Guard: 1

  • Slay the Warlord

Iron Devourers: 4

  • Slay the Warlord
  • First Blood
  • Champion of Humanity – 2 points


Result: Iron Devourers Victory!


My first victory against non-Tyranids! Whew. That was tough. Without a few bad rolls from Tom, that might have ended very differently. If I hadn’t stopped the Executioner, and if Tom had made that charge, things would have been a whole different game. It was a really fun game, though, with a really nice opponent.

I asked Tom a few post-game questions too, to carry on the interview:

Who was your man of the match?
Its difficult to say, the executioner was disabled quickly and my termies failed too many rolls. I would have to say my man of the match was the Land Raider that provided the final blow to defeat Marneus Calgar!Who was your flop of the match?
It would have to be my Assault Terminators. After rushing out of their Land Raider towards some enemy Terminators, they needed only a roll of 4 to start the slaughter however they flopped and only managed a 3!Anything you would have done differently?
My Deployment hampered my greatly. I chose the deployment side with the most cover however my Land Raiders were so large that the struggled to make way for my other units meaning that some could not shoot! The one thing I would have done differently would have been to have chosen the other side!

Do you think one more turn would have made a difference?
It may have, after destroying the Space Marine squad carrying the relic, my large infantry platoon may have been able to take it and hold it!

Any closing thoughts?
It was a really good game and made for an epic face off in the center of the board! Marneus Calgar in one to one combat with my Chaplain, Terminators teleporting in infront of three Land Raiders, Flamers roasting lots of Space Marines. All in all it was a great game full of tense moments and awesome rolling and I enjoyed it a lot!

 Here are all the pictures in one album:
Until next time!
(PS, here’s a teaser on what I’m working on at the moment. My Ordo Xenos inquisitor. You’ll never guess Who the model is…)

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