Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Devourers & Inquisition: 4000 points

So, George and I have had a game before. In fact, it was the first battle I’d had in Bristol, and in it I (spoilers) received a whoopin’. It was a fun game with a great opponent, and I was looking forward to playing George again (and getting my revenge!).

Fast forward, and G’n’me’d be talking about trying to fit a game in at some point. Our last game was a 2,000 pointer, but we decided we wanted to up the scale a little. A little maths on our parts revealed that we both had a comfortable 4,000 points of models, so we thought ‘what the hell’ and settled on 4,000 points for our game. Obviously a game this big required a little more planning, and so it took a while until we both had the time.

Now, 4,000 points is a big game. We knew it was going to take the better part of a day. I was counting the days until it arrived, though. I love me the big games. We could have (or maybe should have) used the rules for Apocalypse, but as neither of us knew it (or particularly wanted to use it), we stuck with normal 40k. We also decided to play 6th ed, as neither of us had 7th ed, and we like 6th.

We’d had a few lovely bits of banter about MARNEUS CALGAR and LOGAN GRIMNAR, about who would win etc etc. All I knew of George’s list is that LOGAN GRIMNAR was going to be in it. That, and with 8 HQ slots to fill I knew I was in for an interesting battle!


Big Guns Never Tire4,000 points, Dawn of War. Opponent: HistoricalGeorge. Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.

On to the lists:


  • Njal Stormcaller
    • Runic Terminator Armour
  • Rune Priest
    • Chooser of the Slain
  • Rune Priest
  • Wolf Priest
    • Runic Armour
    • Jump Pack
  • Wolf Priest
    • Terminator Armour
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader
    • Frost Blade
    • Storm Shield
    • Runic Armour
    • Wolftooth Necklace
    • Thunderwolf Mount

HQs done! 1,220 points of HQs!

  • Lone Wolf
    • Power Fist
    • Storm Shield
    • Runic Armour
    • Jump Pack*
    • Wolftooth Necklace
  • Iron Priest
  • 5 Wolf Scouts
    • Meltagun
    • 2x Plasma Pistols
    • Melta Bombs

*We later discovered that the Lone Wolf can’t actually take Jump Packs, which is disappointing. We allowed it anyway, because of Rule of Cool.

  • 5 Wolf Guard with
    • Arjac Rockfist
    • Terminator Armour
    • 2x Frost Blade
    • Frost Axe
    • 2x Chainfist
    • Cyclone Missile Launcher
  • 5 Wolf Guard with
    • Terminator Armour
    • 4x Wolf Claw pairs
    • Assault Cannon & Frost Blade
    • Land Raider Crusader with Multi Melta
  • 10 Grey Hunters
    • Meltagun
    • Flamer
    • Power Weapon
    • Wolf Standard
    • Mark of the Wulfen
  • 10 Grey Hunters
    • Meltagun
    • Flamer
    • Power Weapon
    • Mark of the Wulfen                                                             Still with us?
  • 10 Skyclaws
    • Power Fist
    • Mark of the Wulfen
  • 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry
    • 3x Storm Shields
  • Vindicator
  • 5 Long Fangs
    • 5 x Missile Launcher
    • Squad Leader
  • 5 Long Fangs
    • 3x Missile Launchers
    • 2x Lascannons
    • Squad Leader
  • Land Raider


    • Armour of Antilochus
  • Chapter Master with Artificer Armour, a Power Fist and a Storm Shield on a Space Marine Bike
  • Chaplain with Jump Pack
  • Terminator Chaplain
    • Primarch’s Wrath
  • 5 man Honour Guard Squad
  • 10 man Terminator Squad with
    • 2x Chainfists
    • Assault Cannon
  • 5 man Hammernator Squad (obviously with):
    • Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
  • Dreadnought with
    • Power Fist (in-built Heavy Flamer)
    • Multi Melta
  • Dreadnought with
    • Twin Linked Lascannon
    • Missile Launcher
  • 5 man Tactical Squad with
    • Combi-Melta
    • Melta Bombs
    • Rhino with Dozer Blade
  • 5 man Tactical Squad with
    • Multi Melta
    • Melta Bombs
    • Rhino with Dozer Blade
  • 5 man Tactical Squad with
    • Plasma Cannon
  • 5 man Tacical Squad with
    • Combi-Plasma
    • Plasma Gun
  •  6 man Scout Squad with
    • Heavy Bolter with Hellfire Shells
    • 5x Snipers
    • Camo Cloaks                                                                         Keeping up?
  • 5 man Assault Squad with
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Veteran Sergeant w/ Power Fist
  • 4 man Bike Squad  with
    • 2x Grav Guns
    • Veteran Sergeant with Power Sword
  • 2 Assault Bikes with Multi Meltas
  • 2 Land Speeders with 2 Multi Meltas (each!)
  • Land Speeder with 2 Heavy Flamers
  • Storm Talon Gunship with Skyhammer Missile Launcher
  • Land Raider Redeemer
  • 5 man Devastator Squad with
    • 3x Plasma Cannons
  • 5 man Devastator Squad with
    • 3x Lascannons
  • Inquisitor Octavo Medicus with
    • Psyker Level 1 (Hammerhand)
    • Rad Grenades
    • Psychotroke Grenades
    • Force Sword
  • Another Ordo Xenos Inquisitior with
    • Psyker (Divination – Prescience)
    • Force Sword
  • Inquisitorial Warband in Chimera
    • Ministorum Priest with Laspistol and Chainsword
    • 3x Crusaders
    • 5x Death Cult Assassins
    • Mystic
    • Daemonhost
  • Inquisitorial Warband
    • 7 acolytes with Hot Shot Lasguns
    • 1 Jokaero Weaponsmith

…and that’s all!

ID-INQvsSW4000 (3)
We’re gonna need a bigger table.

This is the only photo I got of my army pre-deployment [ 😦 ]

As you can see, with 4,000 points a side this was going to be a heck of a fight. I was contending with named characters, each with their own powers, tactics and considerable combat ability!


On to the Questions!

If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?
Space-Vikings with axes

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?
I’m tempted to say my (apparently illegal) lone wolf but given he died to one round of Bolter fire last time I’m expecting Logan G to be doing the business.

What would you have taken with another 250 points?
I’d have saved a few points elsewhere and brought Bjorn so I was using all 8 HQ slots.


If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?
Hopefully not cheese.

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?
Well, backing MARNEUS CALGAR is always a safe bet when it comes to beef, but for something different, I think my other Chapter Master is going to bring the hurt. T5, 2+3++, 4W 4A S8 AP2 is a world of pain. I just hope he doesn’t get squished.  That, or my Daemonhost.

What would you have taken with another 250 points?
Probably another Land Raider (if I had the model!), or some extra ranged dakka. Couple more Devastator Squads, maybe a Vindicator. Or maybe even more henchmen!

Game Type2000 points, Deployment Type. Opponent: Their Name. Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.

ID-INQvsSW4000 (256)

(PS, you know this is a long Battle Report when there’s a whole section on pre-deployment and deployment! You have been warned.)


Deployment: Warlord traits-wise, I rolled the one that lets me have Furious Charge, and George rolled the one that lets him outflank his Warlord and unit. Deciding that this would be hilarious (and tactically sound (potentially!)) George decided to Outflank his Über-unit. Just to keep you all in the know, this unit consisted of:

  2.  Njal Stormcaller
  3. Arjac Rockfist
  4. Wolf Guard with assorted weapons (including one dude with a Typhoon Missile Launcher AND a Frost Axe. Cool!!)

…in one outflanking unit. With Acute Senses across the board, and having rolled Scryer’s Gaze on one of his Psykers, George had a pretty good chance of getting them on where he wanted, and a bloody good chance of murdering what he wanted.

ID-INQvsSW4000 (82)
I mean god damn.

There was a rune priest with the squad of Grey Hunters, and another with some Long Fangs, as well as the jumpy Wolf Priest with the jumpy Claws, and the Terminator Wolf Priest in the Crusader with the other Wolf Guard.

On my side, MARNEUS CALGAR was in the Land Raider with the Honour guard, the jumpy Chaplain with the Jumpy Marines, the Terminator Chaplain was with the big Terminator Blob in the middle. The Chapter Master was with the other bikes, and the non-special Inquisitor was with the Acolytes and Jokaero. The Super Special Snowflake Inquisitor was with the CC orientated Henchmen.

After rolling for no night-fighting, George won to the roll for sides, and chose the (what was to me) north. I won the second roll and decided to go first and deploy first. Here’s a couple of pictures of the deployments:


ID-INQvsSW4000 (60)



Turn 1 ID: On Space Marine turn one, I first-

Oh hang on. I forgot.


Not that I’m bitter… Astute and devoted readers will note that this is the second time in a row this has happened to me. Surely next time I will be ok!

Turn 1 SW: On Space Wolf turn one, George began by rejecting my advice to cast Scryer’s Gaze immediately. Just because it had no conceivable benefit and could potentially peril… Honestly. George started by moving his Lone Wolf straight at my right flank. As said earlier, he technically can’t have a jump pack, but he’s so frikkin’ cool looking that I didn’t even care. Just look at him!

herd u were talkin shit

So, he flew up. The rest of his army, barring the Long Fangs and Vindicator, all moved up as well. We’d decided that hills blocked LoS regardless of True LoS (with the exception of elevated shooters), so George stuck to the hills with his Blood Claws. His Thunderwolf Cavalry advanced a smidge.

Shooting, and George’s Long Fangs immediately turned their attention to my 2 dual Multi Melta Land Speeders and destroyed them instantly. With no movement as it was turn one, they were without Jink, so could do nothing. Curse Steal the Initiative! First Blood to George. That, and my most potent Anti-Tank unit was wiped out. Sad face.

The other Long Fangs, not wanting to be out-done, one-shotted my shooty-Dreadnought. Bosh! Another of my decent Anti-Armour units in the dirt. Ouch. Miraculously, not much else of mine died, but to be honest that was enough!

There wasn’t any assaulting just yet, but just wait… There would be…

One of George’s objective blew up, but didn’t do anything.

Turn 1 ID: I decided to activate my Devastator Doctrine to allow my devs to move and shoot. I plopped the Plasma Devs in their little tower and left them there. That meant now that 4 of the 5 objectives were at the top of big towers/bastions with Devs/Long Fangs sitting on them. And because of Big Guns, they were all scoring! Oh, nothing exciting for the Objectives, btw. Mostly just Grav Fields or nothing. I rolled my Land Raider up, and zoomed my Attack Bikes to meet the Lone Wolf with the Assault Squad helping out. My Inq Chimera moved up, as did my normal Bikes to engage the Thunderwolves (and Bear). My Blobinators slowly walked forward. My Inquisitor got out, but didn’t have much to shoot (or shoot with!).

Shooting. I finally remembered to use my Orbital Bombardment and targeted the Thunderwolves. Didn’t manage any wounds, which was sad, as it would have been insta-killing. The Grav Guns caused a wound, though. Grav Guns and Bikes are a nasty combo.

My Attack Bikes, without a decent target in range, decided to target the nearest Wolfy building full of fangs. They managed to cause it collapse, rudely chucking the Long Fangs out. The combined fire of most of my army brought the Lone Wolf to a bloody end (thank flip!), much to George’s disappointment. He’s a damn cool unit, and a helluva tarpit if given the chance.

Also, my scouts actually killed someone! They killed a Grey Hunter! Woohoo!

Assault saw my Bikes fail to charge the Thunderwolves. Ulp.

Turn 2 SW: In George’s turn, he rejected my advice and decided to cast Scryer’s Gaze. Crazy, if you ask me. He succeeded, and ensured his Scouts and Über-unit came on. The Wolf Scouts came on my table edge, right behind my Acolytes, and the Übers came on next to my freshly-shootable Inquisitor. Uh oh.

Further movement saw the Vindicator poke his little nose out, ready to pummel some ‘nators. The Sky Claws moved up to avenge the Lone Wolf, and the Land Raider Crusader moved up and disgorged some Wolf Guard, ready to pounce. He told me his plan was to destroy my Raider and charge MARNEUS CALGAR with the guard. I laughed, secretly being very worried.

George threw everything he had at the Raider, but only managed to reduce it to 1 Hull Point, as well as Immobilising and Stunning it. Even piling the Vindicator onto it, it managed to survive. Phew!

Elsewhere, the Übers unloaded a sickening amount of fire into Inquisitor Medicus’ unit, but I managed to save a large amount of them with Crusaders. My Mystic died instantly, and I lost a Crusader, some Death Cult Assassins and my Daemonhost, but it could have been much worse. George caused around 16 hits with Njal, and we even rolled wounds (killing a chunk), before I remembered to Deny the Witch, which succeeded. Lucky escape…

The Wolf Scouts insta-gibbed the other Inquisitor and a few mooks, including the Jokaero. The Jokaero had given everyone a 5++, which was nice, but it wasn’t reliable. Ah well.

With no one to assault, the Wolf Guard changed tactics and ran towards the nearby building. Some head-scratching and book-reading later, we determined (or decreed) that they were able to run inside the bottom of the building, and were then able to assault the battlements next turn. There might be clearer rules somewhere, but hey well, this worked for us!

The Thunderwolves barrelled into my Bikes, the Battle Leader bellowing a challenge. My veteran Sergeant proudly accepted, and zoomed his bike over to meet the rampaging Space Wolf. My sergeant was killed by the Hammer of Wrath hit, bringing a lacklustre end to his supposed veteran career. C’est la vie.

In the rest of the combat, my entire squad barring the Chapter Master were killed, with two wounds caused in return, killing a Thunderwolf. Being in an army with MC himself meant I could auto-pass my morale check, which I did.

My Attack Bikes were killed, too.

Turn 2 ID: My turn, and my Storm Talon came in. I went for Tactical Doctrine, meaning Tacs reroll all misses and everyone rerolls 1’s. Nice.

The Blobinators moved forwards still, heading right for some Long Fangs. MARNEUS CALGAR got out of his box and headed towards the Thunderwolves to help out the… other… chapter master… that somehow exists… shhh….

The Assault Squad zoomed up to meet the Grey Hunters, and the Melee Dread sauntered up to the chaps who killed his mates on the Attack Bikes. The Inquisitor’s dudes got ready to charge the Thunderwolves, too, and the remaining Heavy Flamer Heavy Flamer Speeder sped about to flame some people, heavily.

The Inquisitorial Chimera tried to Tank Shock the Übers, but was Death or Glory-d by a Chainfist and blew up. Aww.

Shooting saw all by the Wolf Priest and a plucky Sky Claw survive, ready to be mined by a Dreadnought. I managed to glance a Land Raider, but that was about it for my Devs. MY HF/HF Land Speeder did absolutely nothing, depsite having massive potential, but ah well. Similarly, my Acolytes, with their Rapid Firing Hot Shot Lasguns, did zip. NOTHING. Pssh, non augmented humans, who needs them?

Terminators ran further up the board, threateningly. I also managed to destroy the Vindicator’s cannon with a Combi-melta. That was lucky!

Onto the juicy stuff. Assault. The Dreadnought made his charge and promply squashed the Wolf Priest and the Sky Claw.

My Assault Squad and Chaplain charged the Grey Hunters and Rune Priest. This turned out to be a bad idea. I lost my entire squad (including the Chaplain), and did nothing in return! That’ll teach me. Assault squads just aren’t that great, but I love the models…

MARNEUS CALGAR managed to pull of a 9 inch charge and say ‘hello’ to the Thunderwolves. The Inquisitor and his mates rolled a 2″ charge, but that was thankfully still in range. Wouldn’t be in 7th!

This took a bit of thinking about, as a lot happened. There was 1 squad vs 3 squads, two of which charged. I had to challenge with my Chapter Champion, and George accepted. The thing about Chapter Champions, and all Honour Guard, is they’re great, but a 2+ save is just no reliable enough. No Invul saves = dead marines. Incidentally, he died immediately to the Thunderwolf attack anyway, so that’s 2 challenged won by the bear!

The circus of grenades and buffs from my Inquisitor meant the Thunderwolves were attacking themselves, and were at T:4. I cast Hammerhand, but it was by denied by Njal. I also used the War Hymn that lets the unit re-roll wounds. You can probably guess what was about to happen! The remaining Thunderwolves were utterly destroyed, but of course the Battle Leader survived, being in a challenge. I kind of was ok with that. It meant I couldn’t be shot at! It looked pretty cool, too.

Turn 3 SW: Turn 3 saw the Übers move up towards the local combat. Things were about to get interesting.

The neutered Vindicator sped towards the Land Raider to provide cover, and to get closer to the Iron Wolf for potential repairs.

Njal made everywhere near him Dangerous Terrain for me. This was relevant later, as you’ll see..

The Wolf Scouts shot the Acolytes some more, and managed to lose a man to their own Plasma pistols. That means they were as effective at killing themselves as I was. Hmm.

More Long Fang fire managed to damage the Storm Talon, but not destroy it. I had evaded, so I was firing snap-shots next turn, but better that than dead. The Land Raider near the Vindicator blew apart most of the squad that hurt his mate, but some survived.

Assault! The Wolf Guard in the building popped up and killed the whole Dev squad in one turn. Unsurprising!

The Übers charged and killed the scout squad instantly. Poor scouts.

The Wolf Scouts charged and killed the Acolytes instantly. Poor Acolytes.

In the BIG FIGHT, George challenged again, but I declined, and George chose MARNEUS CALGAR to cower in the back. Uncharacteristic, but it made sense tactically. Just don’t tell LOGAN GRIMNAR… I only just managed to wipe out the battle leader, literally on the last save roll did he go down. Lucky me!

Turn 3 ID: In my turn, my Hammernators still didn’t come on, and I shifted some people around to mean that my Chapter Master, Inquisitor, and MARNEUS CALGAR were all in the same, disgustingly powerful unit. The Honour Guard were left to their own devices. I flamed a Wolf Guard and knocked a wound from the Wolf Priest up there with the Land Raider, and shot a few things here and there. Ultimately, nothing spectacular from me. MARNEUS CALGAR even remembered his Orbital Bombardment, but managed to kill one of his own Honour Guard with it. Well done, MC. I did manage to make some Long Fangs fall back, though, which was nice.

In Assault, the Big Fat Unit charged the Über-unit in what was going to be something special! I used my Warlord Trait to get Furious Charge. No one died in Overwatch (but I did lose another Honour Guard to Dangerous Terrain), and I managed to get in. Just to let you know exactly what was going on in this charge-

  • Furious Charge (+1S)
  • Hammerhand (+1S) (which was denied, unfortunately!)
  • Rad Grenades (-1T for enemy)
  • Psychotroke Grenades (I1 for all enemies)
  • War Hymns (Re-rolling wounds)
  • Zealot (Hatred) (Re-rolling hits)

…you can see why they can be a bloody powerful unit. With Death Cult Assassins now potentially S6 with 4 Power Sword attacks each, rerolling hits and wounds, not a group to be messed with. Stick MARNEUS CALGAR in there as well, and not a lot can stand in their way.

Anyway, to make up for earlier, MARNEUS CALGAR challened, and Arjac Rockfist accepted. With Counter-Attack and a collection of Space Wolf rules, like Living Legend and other gubbins, George was throwing around a huge amount of attacks, too. I was just hoping to wipe him out before he hits back.

Due to my disgusting cheesiness, and some not-particularly-good rolling from George on his saves, I managed to kill LOGAN GRIMNAR, Njal and the other Wolf Guards in the opening round of Assault. MARNEUS CALGAR didn’t kill Arjac Rockfist in the challenge, but Arjac didn’t kill him either, so that was ongoing. I felt pretty bad after that assault. It was then that I realised how potent Ordo Xenos Inquisitors can really be.

Turn 4 SW: It was about now that we’d been going for about 5 hours, and were running out of time. We’d make this out last turn, and see what happened afterwards.

In George’s next turn, he killed a few Terminators with his Long Fangs, thinning the encroaching wave ofPower Fists.

In revenge, his Wolf Scouts melta’d the Land Raider, wiping it from the board (and securing another Victory Point). My Land Speeder was boltered to death, too, and my Storm Talon still somehow remained airborne.

George’s Wolf Guard moved to the near objective, a they were scoring due to LOGAN GRIMNAR. Without much left to do, we moved onto Assault.

Unfortunately for George, MARNEUS CALGAR won his challenge, and that unit moved towards the Wolf Guard.

Turn 4 ID: My Hammernators finally came on, but as this was the last turn and they can’t charge from Deep Strike, we didn’t bother to place them. We cut out anything unnecessary to save time. 

I shot a Land Raider with my Dreadnought, but missed it, then failed to charge it.

I managed to wipe out a unit of Long Fangs and finish off the Vindicator. In assault, I charged the Wolf Guard, killing all but two, but importantly denying them an objective.

We ended the game there for time, so all that was left was the tally…

Final tally:


  • First Blood
  • Linebreaker
  • 2 Heavy Support
  • 1 Objective


  • Slay the Warlord
  • Linebreaker
  • 2 Heavy Support
  • 1 Objective

Result: Draw!

Who was your man of the match?
Man of the match probably wolf scout with meltagun for killing the land raider and helping kill the Inquisitor and his acolytes.

Who was your flop of the match?
Njal, only got two guys with Dangerous terrain…

Anything you would have done differently?
I’d have kept my grey hunters more central where some shooting might have dented the termies. Also think I chose poorly on psychic powers, rune priests were neither one thing nor the other and didn’t do enough.

Do you think one more turn would have made a difference?
One more turn, yes you’d probably have take. The central objective, I might have been able to take one but unlikely.

Any closing thoughts?
I hate Henchmen, stats are silly and their special powas, hyms, grenades are too powerful for the points IMO.


Who was your man of the match?
I’d say the Inquisitorial Retinue, specifically the Inquisitor. His combat multiplication, combined with the Priest’s War Hymns, led to me winning the big cluster-combat and ultimately being able to steal a draw.

Who was your flop of the match?
Hmm, probably the Devastators. With 2 Land Raiders and a Vindicator, I was expecting my Lascannons to do something a bit more spectacular. And my Acolyte Henchmen. They were pants!

Anything you would have done differently?
I think I would have deep-striked my huge Terminator squad, and combat squadded them. They spent most of the game being a big, expensive deterrent in the centre of the board. I also would have hidden my Land Speeders better! And not charged with my Assault Squad.

Do you think one more turn would have made a difference?
I think so. I was close to murdering the last Wolf Guard, and if they weren’t there then I would have been in the lead. Also, my Terminators would have destroyed some chumps, and the Hammernators had just arrived. I think so!

Any closing thoughts?
When you combine a bunch of different multiplying units together, and through a hugely powerful character like MARNEUS CALGAR in the mix, the output it disgusting. It’s almost unfair! I don’t know if I’ll do that too often any more, it just feels a bit cheesy. Though, the war-band is easy to kill if focussed on (Crusader saves willing!).

That was a helluva game. I really enjoyed playing a game that large. Maybe next time we’ll go up to 5,000…

As always, here’s the complete collection of pictures (including blurry rubbish ones!). Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Devourers & Inquisition: 4000 points

  1. I forgot that the THUNDERBEAR killed two in challenges! Maybe a candidate for MOM after all. Also one more thing I would have done differently – I should have charged the big blob instead of the scouts. Then you would have had less attacks, no rad grenades and Marneus and the other chapter master wouldn’t have been in the multiplication from hell.


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