Inquisitorial Shadowsword – Vilis et Magna

“Vilis et magna” roughly translates as “Cheap and Big”. Well, according to Google Translate, anyway. Fitting name, I reckon, for a tank that is one of the largest models in 40k (but only cost me £30).

To put that in perspective, £30 could buy you a Taurox, 5 Sternguard, Sammael, a Single Broadside, or Canis Wolfborn.

It couldn’t even get you a Leman Russ!

So I was incredibly lucky, and very thankful, to be able to snag a Shadowsword for £30, with a lovely saving of £55(!). It just goes to show what patience will get you.

Here’s a set of snaps:

Now with WobbleCam™!

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