Battle Report: Necrons vs Iron Devourers – 1850 Points

After 3 (three!) miserable defeats in the Terra Cup, it was almost nice to be kicked out of the league! It meant I could get back to playing more friendly games. On to my next game with George, who I’ve written about before, first a 2000 point game against Space Wolves, then a whopping 4000 point game a little later on. George had offered to whoop me with his Necrons, and who was I to refuse?

I’ve never played the Necrons before. I’ve watched plenty of online battle reports on miniwargaming, so I reckon I have a pretty good idea of how they work. They’re tough, shooty, and pack a heck of a lot of utilities. With that in mind, let’s discuss the lists…

The Relic1850 points, Dawn of War. Opponent: HistoricalGeorge Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.


  • Chief Librarian Tigurus
    • Command Squad
      • Apothecary
      • 3 Meltas
      • 2 Storm Sheilds
      • Rhino
        • Dozerblade
  • Terminator Captain
    • Chainfist
    • Primarch’s Wrath
  • 10 man Tactical Squad
    • Plasma Gun
    • Multi Melta
    • Rhino
      • Dozerblade
  • 5 man Scout Squad
    • Shotguns
    • Camo Cloaks
    • Melta Bombs on the Sergeant
    • Land Speeder Storm
      • Heavy Flamer
  • 5 man Terminators Squad
    • Chain Fist
    • Assault Cannon
  • 5 man Devastator Squad
    • 3 x Plasma Cannon
  • Land Raider
  • Storm Talon Gunship
    • Skyhammer Missile Launcher
  • 2 Land Speeders
    • 2 x Heavy Bolters each
  • 5 Scout Bikers with
    • 3 Grenade Launchers
    • Cluster Mines
    • Melta Bomsbs on the Sarge

A bit of a weird list, as you can see. Using some units I’d never used before, like the Scout Bikers and the Land Speeder Storm, just to see how they faired. I mostly took Tiggy so I could try out the new 7th edition Psychic Phase properly, that and I’d never used him before, so I wanted to try him out. I was hoping the Command Squad with Tigger would be a powerful experiment! I knew George was going to bring a Monolith (he’d been teasing me with it), so I wanted to bring what I could to take it down. I also made sure to bring a bunch of AP4 weaponry, as I knew Necron Warriors crumpled to it.


  • Necron Overlord
    • Warscythe
    • Mindshackle Scarabs
    • Sempiternal Weave
    • Resurrection Orb
    • Phase Shifter
    • Catacomb Command Barge
  • Royal Court
    • Harbinger of Destruction
  • 5 Deathmarks
  • C’Tan Shard
    • Entropic Touch
    • Transdimensional Thunderbolt
  • 20 Necron Warriors
    • Ghost Ark
  • 10 Necron Immortals
    • Night Scythe
  • 5 Necron Warriors
  • 3 Canoptek Wraiths
    • Partical Caster
  • Monolith
  • Doom Scythe

This didn’t look too bad to me. Sure, there were a few nasties, like the Monolith and the C’Tan shard, oh, and the Overlord on his Chariot, and the 2 fliers… Maybe this did look bad to me, actually.

If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?
Monolith with backup

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?
Probably my overlord on CCB, but I hope it’s the Monolith

What would you have taken with another 250 points?
Lich guard with warscythes although maybe some scarabs.


If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?
Anti-lith! Also, Scouts.

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?
I reckon it’ll be the Command Squad. A powerful named character combined with some 3++s and Melta shots is enough to ruin anyone’s day. Saying that, maybe the Scout Bikes? They have the potential to be brillo-pads.

What would you have taken with another 250 points?
Hmmm… Some more meat in the room. Perhaps another tricked out Tactical Squad? Though, a Vindicator would have been tasty…

On to the battle!

As per my understanding of 7th ed rules, George originally decided to deploy first and go second. If you choose to do that, however, you can’t then decide to steal the initiative. After we remembered that we’d forgotten Night Fighting, and rolling that there would be, George instead wanted to go first. I didn’t steal the initiave, so it was on to turn one…

Turn 1 NECRONS: I had infiltrated my Scouts right on top of the relic, which was on the top of a tower we’d decided was 6″ high. The tower was also Booby-Trapped by the Scout Bikers. George had his Overlord on one flank with his Monolith, facing my Command Squad + Tigurus + Captain all in a Land Raider. His C’Tan shard and Immortals & Harbinger were the other flank, opposite my Land Speeders and my Devastators, and with his Ghost Ark and Wraiths in the centre, staring out my Tactical Squad and Land Speeder Storm. George advanced with his Chariot, Monoliths and Wraiths, and swung the C’Tan around to head for my Land Speeders. The Wraiths would have no trouble getting to the scouts, as they ignore difficult terrain. The Overlord zipped towards my Land Raider.

In the Relic mission, Secondary Objectives are even more important than normal. With that, the ‘Crons focussed almost all their firepower on the scouts, but only managed to kill 1 measly Space Marine. Thank the Emperor for 2+ Cover saves! The Wraiths, however, snuck closer and closer…

Turn 1 SM: In my turn I wanted to make the most of the advantage and try to steal First Blood. The first thing I did was trundle my Land Raider forwards to allow the beefy squad inside to destroy the Overlord. With his ability, thanks to his chariot, to either take any shooting hits on his AV13 (Quantum Shielding) chariot or his T5 4++ character, I would have a hard time taking out that beast in shooting. That’s why I have a Land Raider!

Anyway, my Land Raider immediately immobilised itself on a pebble, so that fell a bit flat. I was still able to unload the chaps inside though, close enough that they would need a 3 inch charge over difficult terrain (so 5 inches by 7th ed rules). I sped my speeders up to shoot the Wraiths, both to snag First Blood and to deny George the easiest way to claim the Relic. The Scout Bikers zoomed up the extreme left flank, right past the overlord.

Psychic phase, and I managed to give my HQ unit a 4++ and Warp Speed, which was nice!

In shooting, I shot the Wraiths with everything I could shoot at them, but their 3++ shrugged all but 1 wound off. Curses! That’s ok, once I got into melee with the Overlord I reckoned First Blood was in the bag. The Land Raider managed a penetrating hit on the Ghost Ark (Yes!), but it was jinked (No!).

I was ready to charge, and rolled a spectacular 4 on my charge distance, meaning I failed the charge. My epic melee unit was now sitting happily outside of cover. Uh oh.

Turn 2 NECRON: Both of George’s Fliers came on, but the Deathmarks decided to wait. The Wraiths floated to the base of the tower, ready to shrd some Scouts. The ‘Lith moved inexorably forwards, supported by the Ghost Ark, and the C’Tan menaced ever closer to my light vehicles.

In Shooting, I lost a few members of my Command Squad to the combined fire of the Monolith and Sweeping Attacks by the Overlord, as well as a very scary attack by the Doom Scythe that managed 3 wounds and a hit on the Raider. Thankfully, my Storm Shield ate them all. Very worthwhile investment. I lost another Scout, but they stayed fast, and didn’t fail their moral check (thank goodness. They would have been jumping off the building if they had). A Land Speeder was stunned, too, so it couldn’t move next turn. It still had a nice field of fire, though. I very nearly lost my Terminator Captain to an insta-gibbing shot, but thanks to a failed Look Out Sir roll but a successful Armour Save he managed to fight another day. Phew.

In Asasult, the Wraiths charged my scouts, and managed to kill half of them. Hooray for Space Marines! First Blood is still up for grabs!

Turn 2 SM: My Storm Talon and Terminators turned up this turn, with my ‘Nators popping (without scattering, thankfully) right in Necron territory. They were ready to unleash the hurt! The Storm Talon flew in and combined fire with the Land Speeders to try and bring the Night Scythe down, but to no avail. The Command Squad repositioned themselves for the charge again, this time needed a 5″ through difficult, so 7@ over all. The Scout Bikesrs zoomed towards the Monolith, ready to Melta Bomb him right in the Portal.

Not a lot happened in shooting, as most of my units were either immobilised or were charging units they couldn’t hurt in shooting. The Terminators shot at the nearby Necron Warrior squad, but only killed about 3, which was disappointing. Psychic saw me get some more buffs off.

I failed AGAIN to charge the Overlord, more or less sealing that idea off. Being able to flat-out 18″ and move 12″, that was 30″ of distance between us most likely. Nuts.

My Scout Bikers did manage to get the Monolith, and inflict a Crew Stunned result with the Melta bomb that wasn’t saved with the Magicmetal Platey Gubbins the Necrons have (name may vary). A devastator also killed himself with his gun. Pleb.

The Scouts survived with 1 chap left in melee, but he was out of range of his Pile In, so the combat was ended. Hooray! Except, now I can get shot at. Booo. I still hadn’t managed to snaffle First Blood…

Turn 3 NECRON: George had decided that enough was enough and brought the smack-down on the Space Marines. The shooting phase saw the Land Speeders destroyed, the Scouts destroyed and a Devastator squad lose another chap and flee right off the table (grumble!). Also, the Monolith opened its Portal of Exile on the Scout Bikes. 4 were in range, so I rolled 4 strength tests, and rolled 2 5’s and 2 6’s, meaning they all died! That was some serious luck! Whether it was good of bad depending on which side of the table you were on. The last biker was gunned down easily. The overlord and Doomscythe wiped out most of my Tactical Squad (who had disembarked). Definitely first blood, then! The Deathmarks also arrived and marked the Terminators, deep striking right next to them, and 3 of the Nators were killed. Boo!

The Wraiths picked up the relic, and my Command Squad were gunned at some more, and I lost my last Storm Shield. Uh oh.

That was a painful turn. There was still hope, though…

Turn 3 SM: My Command Squad chose a new target. The Monolith. A Chainfist wielding Captain is a nasty anti-tank monster. Provided he made his piggin’ charge…

There wasn’t much left to move. My 2 remaining Terminators geared themselves to charge the Deathmarks, and a Rhino that was somehow still alive zipped about to provide some cover for the Command Squad. My Speeder Storm also flew a full 30″ to hide in a corner edge and hopefully score Line Breaker.

In assault, I finally managed to get the Command Squad into melee. They destroyed the Monolith, thankfully. I’d said to George at the start that so long as I killed the Monolith I would consider the game a victory, no matter the outcome!

My Terminators charged at the Deathmarks, ready for some Power-Swordy/Fisty Pain Deliverance! I only killed 1 with the Sergeant, but that was ok. A power fist was coming… Or, he would have been. The Deathmarks managed to wipe the Terminator Squad out before I got an opportunity to! A dedicated shooty squad, and a small one at that, killing 2 Terminators who had charged them. Ouch!

The Overlord charged into the sole remaining Tactical Marine, who killed himself in the end because of Mindshackle Scarabs. D’oh.

Turn 4 NECRON: What essentially happened next was a mop-up operation, wiping out my mobile units and consolidating around the objective. A decent amount of dakka flew around, but I still had a Rhino, Land Speeder Storm, Immobilised Land Raider and Tigurus, the Captain and the Apothecary in a unit together at the end of Necron turn 4. As the Necron force marched towards the centre, I held firm that there was still hope…

Turn 4 SM: My Command Squad blasted apart two Wraiths as they headed for the Relic themselves. I thought that if I could grab it, and keep my warlord alive, and claim Linebreaker then I would win. It was a matter of chance!

They managed to charge the other Wraith and take him out, securing them the relic. My flier was shot down last turn, so they were basically the only unit that most of the Necron army could shoot and hurt.

In a attempt of bravery, my remaining Rhino rammed the Ghost Ark and managed nothing but to Immobilise himself. Whoops.


Turn 5 NECRON: In what would be the last turn of the game due to time constraints, George had to focus on wiping out the Command Squad and reclaiming the Relic. If he failed to do that, I would win, despite the horrendous beating I had taken. With that in mind, he unleashed the full force of the necrons!

He was able to kill all of them except Tigurus, who stood defiant in the face of such treachery! The cowardly Necron Overlord finally charged in, ready to take on the legendary Space Marine Librarian. The C’Tan shard failed his charge distance, but that was cinematically fine!

In the assault, I was pretty worried. The Overlord was hitting as S7, AP1, and I didn’t have an Invuln, not to mention Mindshackle Scarabs. I was hitting at S6 AP4, but I had more attacks and I could still activate Force. It would be a nasty fight. So long as I could pass my MSS test, I reckoned I had a chance.

I rolled each dice one at a time, more for my nerves than anything else!

I was gutted! I failed my test and hit myself. I didn’t kill myself, but I did wound myself, and the Overlord managed to finish me off quite easily when it was his turn to strike. Ah, poo. With that, we ended the game, as there was no way for me to win. Necron victory!


 Final tally: IRODEVOURERS 
  • Linebreaker

Total: 1


  • The Relic
  • Linebreaker
  • Slay the Warlord
  • First Blood

Total: 6

Result: NECRON Victory!

That went pretty badly for me there! Just look at our dead piles (sans Monolith):



Mine! Oh dear!

Post game interview time!

Who was your man of the match?
I think it might actually have been the night scythe, removed the secs and your flier. The Lord was amusingly aloof zooming round avoiding everything he could mind shackle…

Who was your flop of the match?
Everything pretty much did it’s job. Seems churlish to say the deathmarks purely because they had to beat two termies to death instead of shooting!

Anything you would have done differently?
I wouldn’t have out my lord out on his own at the start, I miscalculated how far you would be able to get towards him and was very lucky that you failed to charge twice.

Do you think one more turn would have made a difference?
Not really!

Any closing thoughts?
Sorry I brought a vaguely Not really!proper list and you were more fluffy! It didn’t seem one sided until suddenly I removed a lot in one go.


Who was your man of the match?
I’d go for the Terminator Captain, and his almost single-handedly taking out a Monolith. His name will be remembered. 

Who was your flop of the match?
The Land Raider. If he hadn’t have got himself immobilised straight away I could have almost guaranteed I got the early charge in, and that would have altered the game immensely. Silly Raider! Imagine a millenia-old machine of war getting stuck on a pebble!

Anything you would have done differently?
I would have backed the scouts up more and ignored the Lord, I reckon. He spent so much time hiding from me I should have just left him to it, and let my melee superstars run rampant somewhere else.

Do you think one more turn would have made a difference?
One less turn would have…

Any closing thoughts?
Necron trickery! No, I can’t blame Matt Ward this time. A fair game! I think Scout Bikers are alright, but I’ll need to try them again before I decide they’re worth taking over normal bikers.





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