Mini Battle Report: Orks vs Iron Devourers – 500 points

As I was waiting for my opponent to arrive for the infamous Tau match, I got chatting to a chap who happened to be nearby toting a bag of Orks. As I had a good hour to wait, we decided to have a quick 500 point game.

I’ve never played Orks before, and never done a game as small as this, so a few new experiences for me! As it was a small impromptu thing, and because I’ve forgotten the chap’s name / username, there are no questions this time.

The Relic500 points, Dawn of War. Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.

Why is it I always seem to do the Relic these days? It is (in my opinion) tied in 1st for most boring mission (with the Emperor’s Will). I prefer a game with unknowns, with sneakiness. I don’t just want to chuck everyone into a meat grinder.

Hey well! Here’re the lists (as well as I remember):

  • Chaplain
    • Terminator Armour
    • Primarch’s Wrath
  • 5 man Tactical Squad
    • Plasma Gun
    • Rhino
  • 5 man Scout Squad
    • Camo Cloaks
    • Sniper Rifles
  • Devastator Squad
    • 3 x Plasma Cannons
    • Rhino w/ Dozer Blade

I think that was it! The Orky list, was simpler. I hope I get this right:

  • Warboss
    • Power Klaw
    • Ork Warbike
  • 4 Nobz
    • Painboy
    • Bikes
  • 15 or so Boys (I think!)

I can’t remember this list fully. On to the report!

I deployed my Scouts on the extreme left flank in a building, with the Devastators on the left as well. The Speeder was on the right flank, and the Tac Squad and Chaplain were in the centre, ready to head for the Relic. The Orb Squad on foot were positioned similarly, and the Bike squad were on their right flank, so my left, opposite the Snipers.

I rolled for first turn, and so it began…

Turn 1 SM: I began by zooming my Land Speeder up to the right, ready to hose any orks who moved to close with fire. AP4 meant I was also ignoring armour, which would really help.

The Tac squad moved forward, and the Snipers and Devs stayed put.

In Shooting, I killed a couple of Ork Boys, but didn’t manage any rending shots or wounds on the Bikers, which was essentially the point of the Snipers. Oh well!

Turn 1 ORKS: The Orks wasted no time in running as close as they can. The bikes sped towards my snipers, and the boys hugged cover as they approached the relic. Nothing consequential in the shooting phase, not yet…

Turn 2 SM: I managed to wipe out the entire Boyz squad this turn, largely thanks to the Land Speeder and the Primarch’s Wrath. Such a beast of a bolter. The Bikers made their cover saves against my plasma cannons again. Time was looking short for the Scouts.

Turn 2 ORKS: The combination of the surprisingly effective Orky shooting phase saw the scouts run away! Uh oh! The Orks failed their charge against them, for now…

Turn 3 SM: I used my Devastator Doctrine to run my Devastators away!

After my Scouts regrouped, I tried to shoot the bikers, but they just kept on coming…

Turn 3 ORK: The orks swept over the Rhino, and multi-assaulted into the Scouts and the Devastators, wiping out the scouts and causing the Devs to run! Oh dear! They headed for the Relic…

Turn 4 SM: I tried what I could to stop the Orks, but they just kept coming… D:

Turn 4 ORK: The Bike Squad sped right in and destroyed my Warlord and his men in one turn! Oh dear! With only one devastator, a land speeder and a rhino left, things were looking bleak..

Turn 5 SM: My lone Devastator marine stood his ground, braced his stance and gritted his teeth as he fired his Plasma Cannon! He managed to blow up my own rhino. Oh dear.

Turn 5 ORK: With only a small amount left, the Warboss split off to take on my Dev marine single handedly, and the rest of the squad blasted my Land Speeder to bits.

The Warboss had no trouble carving me a new one. Tabled! Ork Victory!








2 thoughts on “Mini Battle Report: Orks vs Iron Devourers – 500 points

  1. The names Chris 😉

    Sad to announce that the hero warboss is now on his way to a new home. Netting me a fantastic profit of 99! Ebayers dont know class when they see it!


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