Newest Addition: Imperial Guard Army!

You read it right. I recently bought myself an army.

Now, for the budget conscious wargamer, such a thing might seem a little uncharacteristic. The problem is, the more I get into it, the more I want to collect the armies I want to collect. I love the Inquisition. Their fluff, their tabletop presence.. I think they’re awesome. Well, except Grey Knights. Never been a big fan of them.

Anyway, it’s been my dream to make an Inquisition army based on the Ordo Xenos, the arm of the Inquisition devoted to destroying the Alien. I started with this Inquisitor, then acquired a few more people for his entourage, then a slightly larger addition, and then one thing led to another, and here I am…

Fluff wise, an Inquisitor is well within his rights to requisition any and all Imperial assets in a sector to achieve whatever goals he or she deems worthy to the Imperial cause. They can take a guardsman, a squad, a regiment, a space marine chapter, titans, anything.

With that in mind, I decided that a black-clad Imperial Guard army, with Inquisitorial detachment, was the way to go, crunch-wise.

My friend Dave (who I have played before here and here, and who already sold me this and the Sisters Repentia) happened to have a bunch of Imperial Guard he was selling. He had planned to use them as Chaos Renegades, but couldn’t find the time, so sold them to me!

A few weeks back, he had sold me (for £15):

That brings to ‘bought-as-new’ total to about £150 already. Not a bad saving! But that’s not all, oh no..

Dave advertised some more of his renegade Imperial Guard, namely a Command Squad and a converted Psyker Battle Squad he had converted out of Empire Flagellants. After I expressed an interest, he told me about how he was about to advertise his tanks, and would I be interested?

You bet I would!

In the end, he sold me:

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot

That’s right, another Baneblade, this time in my other favourite pattern, the Stormlord! I was in heaven.

The only thing sweeter than this deal was the price. Dave asked for £90 for it all, netting a saving of £237.50. Adding that to the first total, that’s a saving in total of £372.50!! For a £105 investment, that’s a damn good ratio.

I’m still painting them up, but here are some snaps to keep you going…


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