Newest Addition – Inquistior Aurea Pugno!

I have 2 Inquistiors already, a kitbashed Ordo Malleus in Terminator armour and an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor based on a Heresy model of the War Doctor from Doctor Who. Those of you familiar with the fluff will know that I’m missing an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor. With that in mind, I set about making one.

I used the body of a Tank Commander from the Stormlord set, with the head of a Tank Pilot. I decided I wanted something a bit different, so I stuck an Astarted Power Fist on him as well. To finish off, I attached some Servo Skulls to him, too. I love the idea of Servo Skulls, and think they look badass. The one holding the scroll is the head of an old skeleton warrior and a piece of guitar string!

Oh, btw, Aurea Pugno is latin for ‘Golden Big Fist’.


AP (3)


AP (2)


AP (1)


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