15,000 APOCALYPSE Game! Imperium vs Chaos! (Part 4 – Turn Two)


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Before we could begin Turn Two, we needed a roll on the Unnatural Disaster table. Dave elected to do it, and managed to roll a 6, meaning we had a result of 8! That was Incendiary Atmosphere, and easily the most brutal result on the table (if not in the whole of Apocalypse). Every single unit on the board took a number of hits equal to the models in the unit, resolved at S:10 AP:2 (hitting Side Armour). Ouch! The Chaos Team were almost cheering with the result, as not only did they still have a considerable amount of their army (over 100 Cultists and a few Daemon Princes) held back in reserve, but we’d just committed everything we had from our reserves, meaning everything was vulnerable!

We each took responsibility for our own units, rushing around the table to roll the doom of our own armies.

For my army, the hardest hit were my Terminators. They’d just arrived and were planning on taking a turn to weather all sorts of fire before spreading out and mulching the Chaos back lines. Now, they were dying almost as easy as guardsmen, with nothing but a 5+ invulnerable save to protect them. Not only that, but there were a few characters in there as well, namely a Chaplain and an Inquisitor, both of which would be insta-killed if they took so much as a wound.

After all was said and done, I had lost roughly half of my Terminators, with only a few pathetically small units spread out amongst the Chaos lines. Before the atmosphere exploding, they would have been able to support each other, but now they were as good as dead! Marneus Calgar and his unit took a lot of damage, but because they each had a 4+ invuln, I only lost around 2 captains. I had one with a Storm Shield who ended up soaking a good 6 insta-killing wounds. He shall be remembered.

My tanks didn’t do too badly, with only a few taking damage. Most of them would be snap-firing, but that wasn’t so bad. Hardest hit was my Shadowsword, which took a Penetrating Hit followed by an Explodes result, followed by a further 3 HP inflicted! That brought him down to 5 HP; a significant hit.

Most of the Chaos side shrugged off the hits, with the majority of models having Invulnerable saves. Those that didn’t often were T:6 with Feel No Pain, so the Imperium were definitely worse off! That isn’t to say the entire Chaos side was untouched, however. The notorious Bastion that took down my Stormlord on Turn One was destroyed, which simultaneously pleased me and frustrated me. No vindication by my one hands, grumblegrumble… All in all, the start of Turn 2 was a nasty one!


So, after removing the mountain of dead from the start of the turn we began Turn Two in earnest. With plenty of weakened targets to choose from, Chaos brought their considerable weapons to bear and set about mopping up the loyalists in range. Almost all of my Terminators were utterly destroyed from the combined fire of the Thousand Sons and the Chaos Terminators hanging around near the Chaos objectives. Whereas a turn earlier there would still have been a significant amount of Terminators left, even after this shooting phase, now there stood but a few. Drop pods were destroyed all over the board, too. The only one left was thankfully sitting on an objective and in cover.

Most of the Chaos units within range were melee oriented, so they rushed towards our front lines in order to join the battle. Nurglings, Plague Bearers, Daemon Princes and Chosen all sped towards the nearby Thunderwolf Cavalry, and Chaos Terminators surrounded their loyal counterparts and pummelled them into submission. Marneus Calgar and his unit were relatively untouched, however… The last remaining Helldrake flew around spewing filth onto all those in range.

In the Psychic phase, Ahriman had only one Sorcerer left, so he was unable to cast his Vortex power (thankfully!), so instead he tried a different tactic. The Chaos team unveiled their second Strategic Asset, which was the Daemon Shell. This potent asset allowed any model on the table armed with either a Bolter or a Bolt Pistol to fire a special bullet with a nasty profile (S:D, AP:1, Large Blast). The only saving grace is that it can potentially Get Hot!. Ahriman aimed his pistol at a nearby Land Raider. As it was S:D, a 2+ was cause it to explode, but the Daemon inside the shell rebelled! He rolled a 1 for his To Hit roll, meaning that instead of the normal shot, he takes a wound instead. He saved it easily, but still, the Imperium was grateful!

Various small melees echoed around the battlefield, but nothing of particular note (yet).


There was to be blood on this turn! Revenge!!

In shooting the Shadowsword finally had a good view of the battlefield, unmarred by smoke screens. The Volcano Cannon swivelled and came to rest aiming squarely at Ahriman. Despite a direct hit, though, Ahriman survived due to Look Out Sir! allocating the deadly weapon onto a nearby mook. Poor sod.

The tanks couldn’t do a huge amount as most of them were only firing snap shots, so they shuffled around a bit. The Space Wolves moved forwards, finally in range of the Chaos front lines. The Brethren of the Great Wolf was moving too slowly, as they could only move as fast as infantry. Because they couldn’t split up Bjorn couldn’t leave the unit, and because Bjorn was in the unit then they couldn’t get into any transports.

Marneus and his unit issued an All Out Attack on themselves to make sure they were in range to charge the Chaos Terminators. They were to avenge the Terminators and cause hell! They were undoubtably my most powerful melee unit, and I was keen to show them off.

They charged the Terminators without issue. Because they were WYSIWYG, a lot of them were armed only with Chainswords, which obviously isn’t very effective against Terminator armour! Only a few of them were AP:2, the big one being Marney himself. Many of the Terminators fell, but some of the Captains fell, too. Furious Charge had helped, but not enough.

The Wolf Guard Battle Leader and his crew finally charged Ahriman in what was to be a brutal, drawn out conflict. Despite him being Challenged, Ahriman survived due to a combination of Look Out Sir!, his Eternal Warrior and powerful saves. George was determined to take the Sorcerer’s head! My Inquisitor joined in to assist.


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