With the tugboat of time burbling towards the quayside of destiny, we realised this was going to have to be the last turn of the game. The Imperium were firmly in the lead, so Chaos were going to have to pull something special out of the bag to win!

Another Virus Bomb blew up again, but as there weren’t too many models left on the field (and that which was left had all sorts of lovely saves) not a lot happened. Maybe everyone held their breath or something.


Turn 4 now, and Chaos consolidated as best they could on what objectives they held. The Thousand Sons on our back line, having destroyed the Dreadnoughts, swept out to claim our 2 backfield objectives, wiping out Space Wolves as they did so. They also used their Tide of Spawn asset, which let them morph a unit of cultists into a swarm of spawn! Scary!

The Decimator Engine charged the Shadowsword and utterly destroyed it in one turn of ruthless combat, netting the Chaos team another juicy point. The Nurgle Warlord hit like a coward from the Stormlord, Dave mumbling something silly like ‘tactics’. Boo! Hiss! Face my Vulcan Mega Bolter like a man!

In the melee in the middle, Ahriman was the only one left. Just him in the centre, holding off an enormous melee powerhouse made up of some of the nasiest models you can get. Of course, Marcus wasn’t going to let Ahriman get ground to a paste, so he chanted a prayer to Tzeentch (I can’t be certain, but I’m sure something about soul selling was mentioned), and he entered his Magic Psychic phase. Tzeentch must have been smiling, because Ahriman finally managed to get his teleporting power off and zipped off to join his fellow Thousand Sons on our back lines. George looked like he was going to go on a rampage of his own, but managed to contain himself knowing that it was still likely we were going to win.

I bet Ahriman felt save and warm with all his Thousand Sons around him…

With the closing of the final Chaos turn, the scores were 3 to 7. Chaos held 3 objectives, and so did we. All we had to do (theoretically) was end our turn and we’d win.

But where’s the fun in that?


First things first. We played one of our cards and brought the Shadowsword back. For those counting, that’s a total of 4 super heavies we’ve used now! I trundled him on and plopped him right on an objective, inches away from Ahriman. Revenge would be mine, and it would be sweet.

The melee in the centre over, the Inquisitor and his (non existent) posee charged a Great Unclean One that had contented in watching Ahriman fight and had decided discretion was the better part of valour, even for Greater Daemons. My Inquisitor managed to get a wound off of him with his needle pistol, reminding me that I should totally run an inquisitor with a pair of them one day. Poison 2+ and AP:2 is a delicious combo for hunting big monsters.

I used as much firepower as I could, but I simple couldn’t shift the Thousand Sons off of their backfield objective, despite some loooong range firing from Land Raiders and Stormtalons. never mind, we were set to win still.

The Shadowsword centred its Strength D AP 2 Large Blast right on Ahrimans pointy head, and rolled a direct hit. Ahriman (beautifully) failed his Look Out Sir! roll, and I rolled a 6 for damage, which was a Deathblow! That was 6+d6 wounds that ignored Armour, Cover, Invulnerable Saves and Feel No Pain. As you can work out, Ahriman bit the dust so hard he hurt his teeth. It just goes to show: if you’re struggling with a problem, the best way to deal with it is to blow it up with some extreme firepower.

Feeling proud of myself, I noticed a Leman Russ Demolisher that hadn’t done anything all game. Although there was no tactical benefit, I wanted to blow up some cultists. I think I was still skipping from creating an Ahriman-shaped mushroom cloud that I didn’t realise what I had done. Tzeentch wanted revenge, and boy did he deliver.

My dice rolled a 12″ scatter so that my S:10 AP:1 Large Blast clipped one of George’s Drop Pods. A Drop Pod that happened to be holding an objective. An objective that if, say, the drop pod wasn’t there, would be held by Chaos.

I rolled damage, and of course I exploded it in one shot.

George was not happy.

This mean that Chaos were about to win 11-10! I needed to kill the Great Unclean One in melee and consolidate towards that objective. It was our only hope!!

…and, of course, I didn’t manage to do it. Wiping away tears, we declared our turn over.





Imperium: 10.




Chaos Victory!





Gosh, what a clash! And it coming so close, SO CLOSE, was exhilarating! One dice roll cost us the game. One incredibly unlucky dice roll! But it was a lot of fun.

Let’s get some questions answered:

George (Space Wolves)

Who was your man of the match?
Probably Thunderwolf Lord + Thunderwolves. Killed two Demon princes (with some help), several CSMs, Plaguebearers, Nurglings.

Who was your flop of the match?
Ginourmous blob of Wolf doom did sod all, too slow to get anywhere. Also Canis Wolfborn just got taken down so hard without doing anything!

What would you have done differently?
Outflanked the doom blob somehow, might actually have gotten to do something!

What do you think the greatest moment of the game was?
I quite enjoyed the ginormous drop pod/deep strike assault was pretty spectacular!

Would one turn have made a difference, do you think?
Yes, we’d have had more objectives again I reckon, Ahriman dead, maybe losing the superheavies again, but we still had lots of tanks to help hold the centre. Would still have been close though!

Marcus (Thousand Sons)

Q) Who was your man of the match?
A) Your tank blowing up the drop pod on your last turn lol it had to go 12 inches in that direction and it did! so funny still making me lol (it is still not making me lol – Ed.)

Q) Who was your flop of the match?
A) Not killing enough space wolfs lol

Q) What would you have done differently?
A) With all your tanks, I think I was too defensive and the fire power you had made me want to hide in a hole until our turn. I needed to start closer but then again the two votex’s did very well, shame I did not get more off!

Q) What do you think the greatest moment of the game was?
A) I hate to say this but Ahriman did very well fighting off the space wolfs and then using gate to jump out of combat as a AP1 beating was about to finish him, That was too cool for school!
OR… The HQ blob of Space wolfs running around in circles, side stepping the two votex’s was very funny as well lol**
OR… lol

Q)Would one turn have made a difference, do you think?
A) with the extra supper heavys you guys kept bring back I did not think we would/could win but an extra turn?!?! you would of walked away with it I think!


**That is a thing I forgot to write about! The two vortexes from Turn One remained and spent the whole game blocking the Space Wolf Mega Unit from getting anywhere.

Alex (Space Marines/Imperial Guard/Inquisition)

Who was your man of the match?
I’d say the Inquisitor, again, that or Marneus Calgar. Both showed balls and both did some serious damage. I love the idea of the little needle pistol so easily wounding such a huge monster.

Who was your flop of the match?
The Psyker battle squad! So much potential! S10 AP1 Large Blasts zipping all over the place would have bee delicious. But they all died! Plebs.

What would you have done differently?
Probably would have stuck the Shadowsword somewhere it could see better, and maybe would have brought the Stormlord in from reserves. I should have advanced the armoured coloumn up, really put some pressure on.

What do you think the greatest moment of the game was?
Ahriman’s utter and total destruction. The image of him teleporting away, thinking he was safe, then the shadow of one of the most powerful weapons the Imperium has looming over him and blasting him so utterly made me very happy indeed.

Would one turn have made a difference, do you think?
Definitely. With one more turn we could have swamped the objectives and claimed a victory, no question in my mind.


Stay tuned for more battle reports, coming soon!







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