Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Devourers & Imperial Guard – 2000 points (Round 3!)

This it the third battle now between George’s Wolves and my Marines. First was here, second is here. I lost the first battle and drew the second, so this time I was determined to win! The Iron Devourers brought a few friends with them this time too, as you’ll see below… This was a true bona fide 7th edition game now, complete with Maelstrom of War Strategic Objectives. I’d heard only good things about these, so I was dead excited. With that in mind I’d chosen a list that could deal our punishment but also camp a few objectives if need be.

If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?

Try New Things.

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?

Stormfang Gunship.


If you could sum up your list in 3 words, what would they be?

Tanks, tanks, tanks!

What do you think is going to be your Man Of The Match?

I’m hoping Pask is going to be a brute. 20 S6 Rending shots at BS4… Tasty…

What would you have taken with another 250 points?

A third Leman Russ would have been delicious! That, or more Terminators. You can never have enough ‘nators.

Spoils of War2000 points, Dawn of War. Opponent: HistoricalGeorge Location: The Old Duke, Bristol, via Bristol Vanguard.


  • Terminator Chapter Master
    • Chainfist
  • Techmarine
    • Bike
  • 5 Assault Terminators
    • Thunder Hammer / Storm Shields
    • Land Raider Redeemer
  • 5 man Scout Squad
    • Snipers
    • Camo Cloaks
  • 10 man Tactical Marine Squad
    • Plasma Gun
    • Missile Launcer with Flakk Missiles
    • Rhino w/Dozer Blade
  • 5 man Devastator Squad
    • 3 x Plasma Cannon
    • Rhino w/Dozer Blade
  • Predator
    • Twin Linked Lascannons
    • Lascannon Sponsons
    • Dozer Blade
  • Stormtalon Gunship
    • Twin Linked Lascannons


  • Knight Commander Pask
    • Leman Russ Punisher w/Dozer Blade
    • Leman Russ Demolisher w/Dozer Blade
  • Veteran Squad
  • Scout Sentinel
    • Lascannon
  • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
    • Psyker
    • Force Sword

I couldn’t resist sticking an Inquisitor in there. I love them too much. Other than that, this was a heavy armour-oriented list with no less than 6 tanks, 3 of which having AV14 on the front. That wasn’t including a Stormtalon and Sentinel, too. I hoped George hadn’t brought lots of anti tank!


  • Wolf Lord
    • The Armour of Russ
    • Fangsword of the Ice Wolf
  • Rune Priest
    • Level 2
    • Psychic Hood
  • Rune Priest
    • Level 2
  • Wolf Priest
  • 14 Blood Claws Priest
    • Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Power Fist
  • 5 Grey Hunters
  •  Venerable Dreadnought
    • Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield
  • 6 Wolf Guard
    • 3 Frost Swords
    • 3 Frost Axes
    • Pack Leader w/ Combi-Melta
    • Arjac Rockfist
    • Drop Pod
  • Lone Wolf
    • 2 Wolf Claws
  • 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry
    • 2 Storm Shields
    • Pack Leader w/ Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Stormfang Gunship
    • Twin Linked Lascannon
  • Land Raider Crusader

Some scary looking things! A drop pod full of scary Wolf Guard complete with Arjac Hammer-Your-Face Rockfist. A few of the new Space Wolf units were being used, too, including a Stormfang Gunship and an honest-to-god Dreadnought with a bloody great big axe. And a shield! This was going to be a fun game. On to the report!

I won both roll offs meaning I could choose the table halves and whether to take the first turn or not. I decided to take the second turn, which under 7th edition rules means I couldn’t then attempt to seize the initiative, which was fine by me. I do remember saying “look, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway” before rolling a 6. George was amused. I was not.

SMvSW2k (1)

This board was tasty. The ice terrain looked awesome, and was fitting thematically for the Wolves of Fenris. Perhaps the Inquisition and Iron Devourers were here to bring them in line? Perhaps it was an unprecedented and pointless attack? Perhaps a gross misunderstanding? Only the victor would live to tell the ‘correct’ reasons behind this clash. After deploying, George had barely anything on the table. Most of it was in transports, entering from Reserve, or both! His Grey Hunters were in his Stormfang, his Wolf Guard in the Drop Pod and his Blood Claws in the Land Raider.

On my end I (in typical fashion) shoved everything I could on the table, with the exception of the Stormtalon and the Sentinel. I kept the sentinel back to outflank. The Techmarine reinforced the raised ice plateau at the bottom middle of the above picture, and that’s where I plopped my Devastators and Inquisitor. We had agreed that the raised areas were difficult terrain, 3″ above ground level and would offer a 5+ cover save. Everything else was treated as Impassable, which to be honest kept the game simple and fun. None of this difficult terrain bogging our units down!

Turn One SW: The first thing George did was bring in his Drop Pod of Goodness right behind my predator. It was funny, the way it was positioned meant that one of the ‘legs’ opened out and caught on an ice formation, barely stopping above a hapless Guardsman. I bet he thought he was his lucky day. The Land Raider and Dreadnought each rushed forwards, eager to close the gap between our forces. The Lone Wolf sat on his objective as George had a card for it. This was the game type that meant we couldn’t discard cards labelled ‘Hold Objective X’, and we could score our opponent’s ‘Hold Objective X’ cards. We also drew back up to 3 before each turn, so there were potentially a lot of victory points flying around.  In the psychic phase George singled out the Flakk missile wielding Space Marine who was promptly eaten by the ground. Poor chap. The Drop Pod immediately fired its Storm Bolter at the guardsmen and killed the one that was so lucky earlier. Poor chap. Arjac and his posse disembarked and turned to blast the Predator and its paltry Rear Armour 10. Arjac was BS5 and the Wolf guard BS4, so it should be a piece of cake. Saying that, though, George rolled a 1 and a 2, meaning both missed. Come on Arjac, it was right there! I was secretly happy (well, I might have been not-so-secretly happy), and George ended his turn as he had nothing else in range that could shoot.

Turn One ID: On my first turn I drew some objective cards, and luckily they were pretty much ones I already held. Bonus! One, however, told me to hold the objective in the middle (right next to the Space Wolf Land Raider). Normally I wouldn’t have done anything about it, but Maelstrom missions really encourage you to go against the grain sometimes, so with that in mind one of my Rhinos zipped right up to sit on it. My Veteran Guardsmen made the most of the new 7th edition rules and leapt into the nearby Rhino and zoomed off to hide. My land raider moved up and dropped off my Terminators ready to take on the Thunderwolves, and my Tanks positioned themselves to assist. The Predator swivelled around to face the fools that tried to destroy it! The psychic phase rolled around and I failed to cast Prescience on the tanks. Doh. In shooting, Pask used his orders to fire on both the Wolf Guard and the the Thunderwolves. The Demolisher managed to instagib 2 of them in one go, which was kind of amazing. Pask, along with the combination of the Predator, Scouts and Tactical Squad was able to kill Arjac and the majority of his squad in one round. The Wolf Lord and Rune Priest were still around, along with a few of the Guards. The Land Raider amazingly finished off the last Wolf Guard! With that, the Terminators instead ran to the nearby objective and awaited the Dreadnought and Land Raider. I was also able to claim all of my objectives, which was nice!

Turn Two SW: George was ready for severe retaliation this turn, as he had taken some serious pain in the last one. His brand spanking new Stormfang Gunship came on this turn. With the Hellfrost Cannon, George was hoping to make a serious dent in the Terminators, potentially even insta-killing the Chapter Master.  The Dreadnought turned its eyes (or auspexes?) towards the Demolisher, eager for blood. Speaking of blood, the Blood Claws and Rune Priest (with Power Axe) disembarked from the Crusader and swarmed towards the Terminators. The last time these two units met, the Terminators were utterly obliterated! I was determined that this wasn’t going to happen again. Statistically, each Terminator should take 24 attacks to kill from Blood Claws, 18 with Preferred Enemy, which they had from the Wolf Priest. 17 attacks, 10.5 hits, 6.1 wounds, 1 dead Termy. That being said, George should need 85 attacks to wipe out the squad, with another 68 purely for the Chapter Master. In Shooting, the Stormwolf aimed its mighty cannon at the Terminators but scattered off of them, hitting nothing but ice! Oh no! The Rune Priest with the Force Axe managed to get Force off on it. The Blood Claws chucked a few pistol shots at the ‘nators, but didn’t wound. They made their charge easily, though, as did the Dreadnought against the Demolisher. The Lone Wolf tried to enter melee with the scouts, but failed. The Dreadnought wrecked the Demolisher in one bout of combat with his awesome new axe and shield combination. The Blood Claws closed in on the Terminators… There were 14 Blood Claws, each with 1A + 1 for charging + 1 for Rage + 1 for two weapons, so I was looking at 56 attacks just from them. Nasty! The Rune Priest challenged my Chapter Master, which I accepted. George looked mighty happy about picking up over 60 dice in total, and was even more happy when he destroyed the whole squad again! Twice now that’s happened! Will I ever learn? The Chapter Master challenge was a tense one. If he took one wound he would be insta killed. If he survived, he could potentially wipe out most of the Blood Claws single handedly with his WS6 S8 A4 2+. Just so long as he didn’t die! We rolled the CMs attacks first, and he easily squished the Priest. The Priest managed to get one wound, meaning I had to make a 4+ to survive. Which I failed! Oh no! Slay the Warlord! That was around 400 points taken out in one turn by George. I felt that. Revenge would be sweet…

Turn Two ID: My Storm Talon came on this turn and made a beeline straight for the Stormfang… I started by shifting around a bit to sit on more objectives with most of my guys. The Veterans spread out to take on the Lone Wolf. They were only guardsmen, but I had faith in the proud men and women of the Astra Militarum! The Inquisitor failed, again, to cast any powers. What was I paying him for? The Blood Claws had spread out as much as they could to minimise being Flamestormed.I still managed to get a few, but not many. Boo! Hiss! Pask and his 20 BS4 Rending shots did much better though. Combined with the Devastators and Predator they took a good chunk of ’em out. The Storm Talon managed to get a Pen on the Stormfang, destroying the Hellfrost cannon. Oops. I felt a bit bad about that… The veterans, amazingly, managed to kill the Lone Wolf. Amazing!

Turn Three SW: After the utter obliteration of my Terminators, George was on the hunt for more. He positioned his Blood Claws in such a way as to go after Pask, and turned his Dreadnought to face my Land Raider. The Wolf Guard jogged over to the scouts, hiding on their objective on one of the raised plateaus. Not a huge amount happened in shooting. This was not a shooty army! In assault, the Dread closed in with the Land Raider and the Wolf Guard charged the poor scouts. The Blood Claws didn’t make it to Pask, which put them in a rather bad position. They were in clear sight of Tacticals, Pask, Devastators… Blood was not only going to be spilled, it was going to be poured. The Dreadnought almost destroyed the Land Raider, immobilising it, but it remained on one HP (somehow). Over on the other side, the Wolf Lord challenged the Scout Sergeant so George could use the Armour of Russ’s ability to reduce initiative in challenges. It probably wasn’t going to be a game-changer in this case, but it was fun none the less. The entire Scout Squad amazingly not only held off the Wolf Guard, but actually wiped most of them out! … Actually, that didn’t happen. The Scouts were utterly butchered.

Turn Three IDThe first thing I did was draw more objective cards, most of which I was able to hold already. The Tactical Objectives were really favouring me this game. The Inquisitor yet again failed his Prescience psychic test. If there was a psychic equivalent of G4S, he was it. I was looking forward to this shooting phase. My Scout Sentinel arrived and tried Las-sniping the Dread from across the board, but failed. Boo! My Stormtalon and Predator was able to take it out, though, saving my Land Raider from a grizzly death. The Vets, amazingly, managed to wipe out a few of the Wolf Guard. I’m never doubting Guardsmen again. The Devastators with their 4 Plasma Cannons, a Combat Squad and their Plasma gun and Pask with his 20 BS4 Rending shots laid into the Blood Claws from 3 sides. More than half of them were minced, including a Wolf Priest, but critically enough survived to still pose a threat, especially as one of them still wielded a Power Fist. I was going to have to be lucky to survive.

Turn Four SW: George was running out of men to hold objectives, meaning he was going to have to go for the killy objectives in order to win. He drew the objective card that meant if he can force one of my units to fail a morale check then he gets a point. He then turned his Land Raider towards my Inquisitor and slowly moved up… The Wolf Lord and his chums headed towards the humans that were defiantly standing their ground. Axes and swords in hand, the Space Wolves prepared to charge them and eliminate them. …but they failed their charge, losing another Wolf Guard in Overwatch in the process. These Guardsmen, man. The Blood Claws charged Pask and stripped off a Hull Point, but only one. Pask lives! The same probably won’t be said about the Blood Claws soon enough.

Turn Four IDThe first thing I did other than movement was my Inquisitor finally managing to cast some Psychic powers, hurrah! George managed to deny them without issue, though. Boo! My Vets carried on fleeing from the Wolf Guard, popping shots at they did so, but to no effect. My Stormtalon hovered behind the now-hovering Stormfang, managing to destroy it. I focussed the rest of my shooting on taking out the Blood Claws, which I did, and trying to rend the approaching Land Raider, which I didn’t. I was way ahead in objectives, so it looked like the game was in the bag for me…

Turn Five SW: George decided to make it his mission to make me fail a morale test if it was the last this he was going to do. His Land Raider charged full speed at the Inquisitor and his group, who passed their Tank Shock test, but ended up out of cohesion. It make an awesome spectacle, though! The Wolf Guard finally caught up to the Vets and wiped them out in one round of Assault.  So much for them, then!

Turn Five IDIn my turn I managed to take out the entire Wolf Guard squad barring the Wolf Lord.  I tried insta-gibbing the Wolf Lord with the Scout Sentinel and his Lascannon, but he missed.  It was just a case of spreading out to hold objectives now. That Land Raider did look a little scary… Game continued to the next turn.

Turn Six SW: The look on George’s face is one I can only describe as ‘manic’ when he declared another point-blanc Tank Shock. He passed another Dangerous Terrain check and sped towards the Inquisitor… Who failed his test! And promptly ran away, along with his unit, straight off the board! Cowards!! George was very happy about this. The Raider tried taking down Pask as well, but to no avail. The Raider even managed to destroy the Predator as well in the same turn. The lone Wolf Lord charged the Sentinel, but failed to take it down. I wasn’t betting it would take him much longer. SMvSW2k (77)

Turn Six ID: Nothing much happened in my turn other than me claiming yet more objectives cards , Pask failing to destroy the infernal Land Raider and the Predator failing for the nth turn in a row to wreck the Drop Pod. It’s right there, come on! The Sentinel survived again, somehow. Turn Seven SW: Final turn now, and George destroyed the Sentinel in a burst of smoke and fury. That did mean, however, that he was wide open to be plasma’d by the surviving Tac squad.. The Raider shot Pask, but didn’t destroy him. Go Pask! Turn Seven ID: I finally took the Wolf Lord down and spread out to hold objectives on my last turn. I didn’t kill the invincible Land Raider, but I was happy! We totted up the points and it was closer than we thought, but still an Iron Devourer Victory (for once!).

Final tally:


  • Slay the Warlord
  • Linebreaker
  • 15 Tactical Objectives


  • Slay the Warlord
  • Linebreaker
  • First Blood
  • 23 Tactical Objectives

Result: Iron Devourer victory!

Crazy high scoring game, as you can see. The Tactical Objectives really helped me out this game. Here’s what my pile looked like at the end! SMvSW2k (81)   Who was your man of the match?

The Dreadnought. 

Who was your flop of the match?

The Stormfang. Neutered straight away, failing to kill anyone when it had the chance! 

Who was your man of the match?

The Vets, for sure. What a load of dudes.

Who was your flop of the match?

The Terminators and Chapter Master were another load of nothing. Will they never learn?

Anything you would have done differently?

I should have avoided the Blood Claws with my ‘nators.

 Do you think one more turn would have made a difference?

I don’t think so.

Any closing thoughts?

Tanks are lots of fun!



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