Battle Report: Eldar vs Imperial Guard – 2000 points

Here we go again! This was my first game at the Yate and Chipping Sodbury Wargaming Battalion as well as my first pure Imperial Guard (or Astra Miliwotsits) army. Well, not entirely pure… There was a Vindicare assassin too, but that’s it. No Inquisitors!

Anyhoo, it’s my second game against Rich’s Eldar, and this time I was bringing some new toys with me. I brought my full array of Armour, minus a chimera. Bring on the might of the Emperor’s armoured fist!

Tactical Escalation2000 points, Dawn of War. Opponent: WyvernSykes Location: Chipping Sodbury Scout Hut, via Yate and Chipping Sodbury Wargaming Battalion.


  • Tank Commander in Leman Russ Punisher with Sponson Heavy Bolter, Lascannon and Dozer Blade
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank with Dozer Blade
  • Commissar Yarrick
  • 2 Squads of Veterans in Chimeras with Dozer Blades. One has 2 Meltas, one has 2 Plasmas, both have 1 grenade launcher.
  • Basilisk
  • Leman Russ Demolisher with Dozer Blade
  • Hydra
  • 3 Scout Sentinels in separate units, two with Heavy Flamers and one with Lascannon
  • Stormlord with Sponson Lascannons

Rich graciously allowed me to use my Stormlord. Hehehehehehehe.


My knowledge of Eldar is still crappy, but here’s what I remember:


  • Avatar of Khaine
  • Spiritseer
  • Warlock Council (two Warlocks)
  • Wraithguard with D Scythes in Wave Serpent
  • Wraithknight
  • Fire Dragon squad in Wave Serpent
  • Crimson Hunter
  • Guardians
  • Guardians on Jetbikes
  • Fire Prism
  • 3 War Walkers

DSCF0683I think that’s all…

On to the game!


I won both rolls and decided to deploy first in the half of the board with the most terrain. I wanted Rich to have nowhere to hide! Rich deployed as you see in the picture below, with his Wraithknight way at the back. I went for the Iron Wall approach, which is psychologically intimidating and looks awesome.


Turn One IG: I drew one objective card telling me to kill a Character, but there wasn’t much for me to aim at. I trundled my way forward, popping shots at whatever was in range (which wasn’t a huge amount, to be honest). Those tanks that were in range were trying to take out Eldar with a 2+ Cover Save, which was a major pain. My Basilisk managed to snipe out a Warlock, however, netting me First Blood* and my objective. Hooray!

*It’s worth discussing that whether this should be worth First Blood is controversial. I’ll write more about it later.

Turn One Eldar: Rich drew the card to take out a flier, which was useless! He swept his Eldar forward hugging cover, and threw firepower at the tanks. They were mostly AV14, however, so little could actually hurt me. He still managed to kill my Assassin with his Avatar, (just!) which was a fairly hefty blow for me. He also dismounted his Fire Dragons and tried to take out my Stormlord, but some hugely unlucky rolls meant that only 1HP was dealt to it.



Turn Two IG: My turn two saw two of my Sentinels arrive, one of the HF and the Lascannon. The Stormlord obliterated the Fire Dragons, and the rest of my tanks positioned themselves to receive the brunt of the Eldar attack. Amazing cover saves saw a pitiful amount of damage done to the Eldar yet again, but I was undeterred. I scored my objectives to wipe out a unit in the Shooting Phase and hold an objective that my Stormlord was happily sitting on.

Turn Two Eldar: The Eldar Wraithlord headed towards the Stormlord. The combined Eldar Assault wiped out a Sentinel and chipped a few more Hull Points off of some of my tanks, including 2 more from my Stormlord. The War Walkers outflanked and blew up my brand new Hydra. Whuh oh! Mercifully the Avatar failed to charge my Warlord, leaving him wide open to retribution. Yarrick’s motor was wrecked, too, so he and his unit got out.



Turn Three IG: My other Sentinel arrived and managed an impressive tally. With his Heavy Flamer he destroyed a War Walker and the subsequent explosion took another hull point from another War Walker and one from the Sentinel itself. I was able to kill the Avatar before he could wreak havoc amongst my Leman Russes, thankfully!

Turn Three Eldar: With the arrival of the Crimson Hunter, a large portion of the Eldar Force converged on my Stormlord. Facing down a Wraithknight, Crimson Hunter, Wraithguard and various long-ranged support, my super-heavy was in a bad situation. Two separate Penetrating Hits both caused another 3HP each, leading my destroying it! It scattered in such a way that nothing was caught in the explosion, either. Rackumfrackum… Also, the Demolisher was taken out with a lucky lance and my Basilisk was taken out by War Walkers. A bad turn for me!


Turn Four IG: I wasn’t able to achieve much, what with a massive amount of my firepower taken down! I did what I could, mostly suicidal moves to desperately claim objectives. I was able to snatch a respectable 6 victory points this turn alone, which was a miracle.

Turn Four Eldar: This turn Rich managed to kill every single model I had left, barring Yarrick and 3 of his chums. Not good, not good! I realised that my best chance was in running away and hiding, hoping to survive, and hoping that I could win on Objectives. Obviously, if I was tabled, I would lose. ‘ulp.




Turn Five IG: My turn 5 was the fastest turn I ever had, in which all I did was run like the coward I was. I used the Move Move Move order to get as far away as I could.


Turn Five Eldar: Rich spread all his highly mobile vehicles and units around to claim as many objectives as he could, then converged his considerable firepower on the hapless remaining Imperials. It wasn’t hard for him to wipe out the 4 models, either. Even Yarrick was killed, so it looked like I was tabled…


But wait!

Yarrick’s rules state that he is not removed as a casualty until he fails a special roll at the beginning of the turn after he is reduced to 0 wounds. He was still on the table, and was on his side. He hadn’t been removed, so I hadn’t yet been tabled!

Rich rolled the dice to see if the game continued…

But it didn’t! Game over!

And after tallying the points, I was in the lead by one point! One point!

Stupidly jammy Imperial Victory!



Final tally:


  • Slay the Warlord
  • Linebreaker
  • 8 Objectives


  • Slay the Warlord
  • First Blood
  • 9 Tactical Objectives

Result: Iron Devourer victory!

.. of course, it depends on whether taking out an individual Warlock counts as First Blood. We had to get an independent adjudicator to rule it, and he favoured me. It’s controversial, I think. People online seem to favour the Eldar, so I’m not sure how to call it. I’d be happy to call it a draw!




2 thoughts on “Battle Report: Eldar vs Imperial Guard – 2000 points

  1. Well was the warlock actually cruising around all on his lonesome? or was he actually part of a group? If he was all alone with no one – then yes you got first blood. If he was in a group then no – you have to destory the entire group.


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