Bubba Bowl II – Bristol Blood Bowl Tournament

Since my last post about starting a Bretonnian team in my local tabletop league, I’ve been itching to get involved in more!

I’ve recently joined the NAF, which is a fantastic resource and membership online that tracks the stats of each every player, down to each individual match. You can see how many TDs you scored, how good you are with a certain team, how bad you are against another, and compare stats with other coaches. All for £5 a year! Very reasonable, I can’t recommend it enough.

Another benefit of the NAF is that you get discounts on NAF-approved tournaments, such as Bubba Bowl II, the second annual Bristol One Day Tournament.

The difference between Tournaments and Leagues is in the development of the team. In the league I joined (which I will post about soon), you start with a  budget of 1,100,00g with which to buy a team, then your players develop as the league progresses. You get SPPs etc, and the top x number of teams do a playoff to determine the ultimate winner.

In this tourney, and most tournaments, you will be given a set budget with which to build a team, and in addition you will be given some method of granting them skills. In the case of Bubba Bowl, you were given 1,200,000g and access to one of three skill packages depending on the ‘tier’ of the team. The higher the tier, the better that team is considered objectively to be.

Tier 1: All teams not mentioned as Tier 2/3 – 4 Standard skills
Tier 2: Chaos, Chaos Pact, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Nurgle, Pro Elf, Slann, Underworld, Vampire – 6 Standard Skills
Tier 3: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Lizards with no Saurus*, Underworld with no Skaven* – 6 Standard skills, 2 Doubles skills, non ‘Big Guys’ may take two skills of the allocation i.e. stack one skill, this could include both double rolls if desired.

I took my Bretonnian models and proxied them as vanilla Humans. I took a lineup that had 4 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers, 3 Linemen and an Ogre, plus 4 rerolls and an apothecary. I had enough cash for a cheerleader and a coach, too.

As they are Tier 2, I was allowed up to 6 skills. I stuck Kick on a Thrower and Diving Catch on a catcher. I love Diving Catch. It lets humans catch like Elves (sometimes). Catchers are already controversial, many people considering them the worst players on the human team as well as a liability, but I love them. Movement 8 is not to be sniffed at! I wouldn’t build a human team without one.

The other 4 skills I gave to the Blitzers. 2 with Guard, one with Tackle and one with Frenzy (because why not?). I toyed with the idea of giving Guard to the Ogre, but decided I’d rather give it to a more mobile player (who wasn’t likely to lose his valuable tackle zones just because).

There was a unique addition to this Tournament. It was set in deepest Somerset, and the TO had given a free extra player to each team in the form of Daisy.

Daisy you’re a little star
Strange things happen on the farm in wildest Somerset. Some of the more inquisitive cow based locals have become interested in what’s going on, each team will be allowed to have one Minotaur Calf join their team at the start of the tournament, they have the following profile:

Minotaur Calf | 5 – 3 – 2 – 7  |Loner, Horns, Disturbing Presence

The calf joins the team as a regular player and may take the number of players on a team over 16 but only 11 on the field at once please. The calf will not carry SPP’s from game to game and cannot gain skills in any way. The calf will ‘regenerate’ at the start of each game, same as the rest of the team.

We would like those attending to provide their own ‘Minotaur Calf’; there will be an award for best painted/most imaginative interpretation of this. Please be sensible in the interpretation, approximately 28mm scale taking up about one square would be appreciated.

There will be some spot prizes for Calf related antics.

This sounded amazing. I took the chance to try and build a Daisy myself from scratch, and got stuck in.

I decided to make a beefy cow (har). I used the arms of 4 Ogre Bulls as the legs, and a tail I had lying around. I built the body, feet and head out of Green Stuff (hence the janky carving). The horns are made from the two parts of a bow, and the skulls/hair are from various bits I have lying around.

All that was left was to paint it. More on that later.



The day of the tournament rolled around, and I was off to a village called Churchill Green, south of Bristol.

The people I met were uniformly welcoming and friendly, and I keep getting amazed at how nice the people who play this game are. It is one of the most pleasant communities I’ve ever been a part of.

The games were calculated randomly, and my first game was against Nightwing, a lovely chap who is part of my Tabletop league. I’ve had a match against him before, which I’ll write up soon, but this time he was playing his Chaos instead of his Norse.

The game started with me getting all the luck. Nightwing could barely knock my men down, and Nuffle didn’t get kinder as the game progressed.

I was able to flukely steal a 2-1 victory, just, but not before earning a spot prize for catching a pass with Daisy! A Gorrilataur, no less!

My next game was against HairyPete77, the organiser of ExeBowl and the runner of this awesome blog. He was playing Chaos as well. I was pretty confident having just come off a win vs Chaos. I was wrong.

I kicked off, but Pete got a Blitz on the Kick Off table and utterly destroyed me. My team was reduced to 7 players within 2 turns, and 5 players by turn 4. Chaos easily scored on turn 7, and I couldn’t equalise in the half.

I was able to snaffle a TD in the second half, but HairyPete77 scored again late in the second half. It was really close though, I very nearly got the equaliser, but never mind! It was another massively tense game, and we agreed that it really could have gone either way.

Game 3 was against Loki’s Dwarves. Loki was the chap running the tournament and a friend of mine. Dwarves are considered one of the best teams, and Loki is a really good player. Again, my team was utterly wrecked! Daisy was indeed a little star in this game though, and withstood the fury of the Dwarven team like a hero.

It was another 2-1 loss for me, and was closer than it sounded. One of the reason I like the Human team is their speed. With two Mv8 catchers, you can really zip around. It got to the point that if I had been able to make a single pass and catch (from a thrower to a Diving Catch catcher) I might have been able to steal the win, but no dice, sadly!

My last game was against the Ogres of Wobert, a very sporting player who was a pleasure to play against. After losing the 4th kick off roll, I was kicking, and managed to stall Wobert’s offense for 1 0-0 at half time. I scored very early in the second half, and I have to admit I was getting a bit cocky. Wobert couldn’t catch a break and was boneheading hugely, but was still playing solidly, and managed to score with Daisy on turn 16 for the draw. It was the last game of the day, and I was starting to flag, and actually caught myself accidentally cheating twice, once rolling a 2d block instead of a 1d, and another time using a lineman that had been injured. I was horrified, but Wobert was very patient and sporting, and was fine with carrying on.

All in all, I came in 22nd/30, but I’d had 4 amazing  games with some wonderful people, so as far as I’m concerned, I had a victorious day!

The trophies for the tournament were the 1st place, 2nd place, 4th place Glowworm award, Stunty cup, Most TDs, Most Casualties and the Best In Show trophy for the best painted Daisy, which I won! Woohoo! It came with another prize, a Minotaur model. Bring on the new Chaos team!

I’m on the left.

Here’s the final Daisy with her trophy:

All in all, a fantastic day. Bring on Bubba Bowl III!


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