Blood Bowl Match Report – Bretonnians vs Norse

  • I mentioned before that my Bretonnian team was part of an eternal league. Their first game saw them utterly wrecked by a Chaos Pact team (which I still hold as one of the best teams in the game). A knight was killed by the crowd, and another random peasant was killed. Ouch. I reset the team, and their ‘first’ game was against a very nice looking Norse team.

    As this was the first game of a league, each team gets 4 players chosen at random and is able to give them a normal access skill. I chose Guard on 2 Yeoman, Sure Hands on a third and Tackle on a Knight. My opponent chose to give everyone Frenzy!

    I had FAME and I also received. I moved into position, and my opponent’s first action on his turn with his yeti caused a turnover, so with the help of some GFIs (well, needing a reroll so not too lucky) a plucky Knight managed to pinch a TD on turn 2.

    A Norse got himself sent off, and another two were injured.

    Three Brets were out for the count too, so it was going to be 9 people a side during the second half. I was constantly scared of getting crowd pushed as my opponent had more players with frenzy than without. And as he put it, ‘I’ll find a way’.

    The naked vikings laid the pain down for the rest of the first half, repelling the Bretonnian defense for a TD on turn 8.

    The Norse received on the second half and tried to beat the snot out of their foppish opponents, but Nuffle wasn’t granting him the Cas rolls.

    Brets play a risky no-defense game and ran most of their players around the sides, but it paid off and they managed to grab the ball after a lucky peasant catches a bounce.

    After some merciless stalling for the last 6 turns, the Brets score on turn 14, but not before some more injuries on both sides. A Norse Berserker dies in the melee, but no other injuries are permanent. More disgusting Norse fouling sees a 3rd Norse quite rightly sent off.

    A peasant very nearly pushed the Yeti off the pitch (getting a Defender Stumbles and a Both Down on a 2d against block) but failed miserably, and the yeti responded by fouling someone nearby next turn. As we set up turn 15 a riot happened and moved the clock to turn 16, and after some pummeling and turn 16 fouls from both teams (he told me too, honest), the game ended with a 2-1 win for the Brets.

    Avalot-Deux-Lues vs Eski’s Norse | 2-1 TD | 3-3 CAS | 0-1 RIP

    All friends in the end, though!

    I friggin’ love this model.


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