The Gender Gap in Warhammer 40K: A Girl’s Struggle to Battle with Fabulous Eldar

The lack of women in wargaming. Anyone want to offer their opinion?

The Daily Geekette

As a beginning Warhammer 40K hobbyist, I wondered about some of the battles I had sat on the sidelines for, which were ones that encompassed mostly male players. I had never met another female Warhammer 40K player in all of my time of being an active shopper of local games. I had never encountered one painting or battling at the games that the shops hold events for. My closest experience was that of an acquaintance who was a paint-to-hire artist who painted models in exchange for pay. She never plays.

Being a geek of all sorts, I have moved my way into a respected profile in the gaming world, as well as a few other hobbies I’m involved in – including tabletop gaming like Pathfinder. But Warhammer 40K was way different. I have not engaged in a battle yet, but my experience being around some players had been negative.


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