High Elves is Best Elves – Blood Bowl

Evenin’ all.

I’ve not been doing enough Blood Bowl recently. I’ve been painting some models though, so it’s not all bad.

I’ve been playing with my dad over Cyanide’s Blood Bowl on PC. Blood Bowl 2 is not too far away now, but I reckon like many people I’ll be sticking with the first one, not just because of the price, but also because I don’t think my PC could handle BB2… Definitely not jealous, noooo way.

Anyway, my dad’s favourite team are the Undead team. We’re from the Isle of Wight, so he has a team called the Wight Wights. I bought him a model Wight from t’internet, painted it in his colours, and sent it to him in the post. A Wight Wights Wight. Heh.

This is the only picture I have of him – I forgot to take any of my own.

But this also gave me an excuse (cough) to buy another team. I’d played Humans in the last (and only) tabletop tourney I’ve been to, and highly enjoyed them. I’ve wanted to play High Elves since, as I’ve sort of seen them as a Humans+ team. I enjoy the passing/ball handling game, and High Elves seem like they play similar to humans, just with the extra stats.

Anyway, I bought a Black Scorpion Human/Elf team. They’re generic enough to be used as both, which is a bonus!

Anyway, back to budgeting. The whole team was £24. It’d say that’s a pretty good price. That’s a whole team, 11 players. Done. That’s one of the things I love about Blood Bowl. You really don’t need to spend that much at all. People tend to be pretty accepting of proxies, too. I could use this team for any Elf team, humans, all sorts, and I think people wouldn’t mind.

I really wanted them to be all shiny-lookin’, so I coated them in gloss varnish with the intention of matte varnishing the areas of skin and hair. It didn’t work very well, so they look all shiny all over. Whoops.



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