Airbrushing: The Cheap(ish) way to do it.

Aheh… hem. Well, this is awkward.

Do you remember when I slagged off airbrushes, way back when? In fact, it was the 3rd post I ever made on this blog.

So why don’t we all go and get airbrushes now? Well, I’ll try and let you down gently. They cost an arseload.

Will it ever be as good. airbrushing? No, but it’s much, much cheaper. Only when I’ve gleefully thrown away my 150th can will I regret not buying an airbrush.

But for the wargamer with the modest budget, they just aren’t feasible. I can’t justify spending £150+ just to paint my models. I also live in a terraced flat, so don’t really have a huge amount of space for a generator.

Aheh, ahem, hm hm. Well, I’ve somewhat eating my words now, because guess what? You’ve probably worked it out by now. This is the model I went for in the end:

It was a Christmas present. When I got it though it was about £70-80, not the £100 it is now.

I was able to get a Model Air Vallejo Set for like £12 from eBay, too, so the entire startup cost was under £100.

It wasn’t this exact set, but close enough.

I know that might seem a lot, but I have to say… Having an airbrush is awesome. It’s AWESOME.

I’ve used it to paint my Bretonnians, my Ogre Team, my High Elf team, my Tanks, so many things. And the difference it makes… Goodness me. It’s so quick, so even, so pleasant. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better.

I mean, just look at this. This took me maybe an hour and a half to do (with a bit of masking tape):



So much cooler looking!

This would have been faaaar beyond my ability without an airbrush

Should anyone want, I can make a video on how to use it and stuff.

Also, I have some new vehicles. I’ll make a post on them soon, but rest assured they will be painted with the airbrush!


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