Hello all,

I recently made the ultimate budgethammer decision and sold my entirely warhammer collection (well, almost everything… I still have my unfinished semi-painted Imperial Knight.)

I realised I’d only played a dozen or so games of warhammer over the last half a dozen years. I’ve been investing my hobby-time into Blood Bowl, a game I find more enjoyable, partly because the rules allow more tactics and less waffle, plus it’s much cheaper!

In the end I sold it all for £455. Considering I reckon I didn’t pay much more than that for them all in the first place, I reckon I did quite well.

I won’t lie, I was a touch emotional… but, as they say, life goes on. And this way I can afford to go to the upcoming Blood Bowl World Cup in Austria!

So, fair well and thank you for reading. If you want to find me in the meantime, come see my blood bowl podcast website:


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